1. D

    WTS: Nvidia Shield K1

    I have a Nvidia Shield k1 in great shape. The screen has a small rub mark but no major scratches, chips, cracks. Works great and I just recently applied liquid glass screen protector. Selling it since I went to an iPad 9.7. Asking $175 shipped
  2. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Rooting Nvidia shield K1-Prevent DJI update nagging

    Rooting and using a host editor/blocker allows me to be able to use DJI go WITH maps on any revision level I like. It is not hard to complete this and you may find this method works well for you. I've rooted both my K1's and they ignore any update/upgrade demand. I've included info on how to...
  3. NimpoCub

    Nvidia K1 repair?

    I've bricked my Nvidia shield K1. Where can I send it for repair (preferably in Canada) Searched Nvidia site, here, google, no joy.
  4. jakobe75

    Nvidia Shield video glitch captured

    It has done this since day one of owning the tablet (January) I just havent mentioned before now. Sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesnt. video gets glitchy sometimes...I can see the glitch when its playing in dji editor, I can see the glitch when it playing direct from SD card inserted into...
  5. NRJ

    Nvidia Shield K1 (2nd edition)

    The Nvidia Shield K1 has been touted on this forum as one of the greatest tablets for the DJI Phantom drones or most Remote Controllers that can handle an Android tablet. However, Nvidia ran out of stock completely the world over as far as I can tell from this forum. I couldn't buy one anywhere...
  6. KennyN

    Nvidia Shield + FPV

    I have just pulled the trigger on a Nvidia Shield tablet to use with my P4 and noticed that the tablet has a mini HDMI out port. I know that I'm getting ahead of myself having only completed a few flights with my P4 so far, but I'm thinking about the future...Does anyone know whether I can use...
  7. R

    Nvidia K1 Shield Without Data

    I am currently using a Samsung Tablet that works pretty good just not great. I see there is a lot of interest in the NVidia K1 Shield. My question is since it is wifi only how well does it work when out on location and unable to down load maps for that area?
  8. R

    P3 Firmware Update to 1.6.80 caused problems with Nvidia Shield K1 Disconnects

    Yesterday I updated FW to 1.6.80 and my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet is losing connection and the screen goes to black & white. It will reconnect after a while but it soon disconnects again. Needless to say I have not tried it in the air like this. The tablet is setting next to the RC and the P3...
  9. cocoamedia

    nvidia shield k1 question - caching video

    Does anyone know if you can cache the DJI Go app video files to the SD card on the Shield? I am new to Android (been iOS for years) and having had a nightmare buying a mini 4 from amazon (Very confused iPad GPS with P3P | DJI Phantom Forum) am thinking about getting a Shield. I am worried...