nvidia shield k1

  1. M

    Phantom 4 Pro Less than 10 hrs flight plus accessories for sale $1100 with Nvidia K1 tablet. SOLD

    I bought my P4P December of 2016 with the help of this forum, and now I am ready to sell it. I was able to film a couple of weddings and it hasn't been flown since. I am thinking of buying a smaller drone for travel instead. Included are: 1 DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone 11 DJI propellers (1...
  2. J

    Known Nvidia Shield K1 / Litchi issue

    I've flown my P4 using Litchi with an Nvidia Shield K1(nougat) for several months. I find the voice feedback very helpful. Also like the screen recording. Did a USB download of the screen recordings to my PC. No more voice. Then it came back. Then it went away. Found out why this morning...
  3. Nowelly

    Most absolutely stable tablet to use with DJI Phantom 4 Pro?

    Dear all, I am becoming exceptionally tired at having Communist car style reliability with tablets, DJI Go 4 app reliability, etc.. Every 5 minutes almost I am getting grey screen right in the middle of a flight, sometimes at critical times, and an "Aircraft Disconnected". It is incredibly...
  4. swoot

    Optimized android device setup - latest thinking

    Just bought the NVIDIA Shield K1 and pretty delighted so far, looks very good and hoping to get first try with it this week. I've read a few posts on various forums about best device settings for android devices (Enable USB debugging etc.) and just wondered what the latest thinking/experience on...
  5. P

    Edit videos on Nvidia Shield

    Hi all, Just bought me a Phantom 4 and also the Nvidia shiled tablet. I have some trouble understanding how you could download and edit my videos to the tablet. I saw something that you should only use 1080 if you wanted to download them, is that true? Also if you have any suggestions on what...
  6. jp_flkeys

    Sun Shield Nvidia Shield

    Just purchased a Nvidia Shield K1 for my P3P. Anyone out there find a good, lightweight, sun shield for this product or have any ideas what the best solution is for shading the screen?
  7. cocoamedia

    nvidia shield k1 question - caching video

    Does anyone know if you can cache the DJI Go app video files to the SD card on the Shield? I am new to Android (been iOS for years) and having had a nightmare buying a mini 4 from amazon (Very confused iPad GPS with P3P | DJI Phantom Forum) am thinking about getting a Shield. I am worried...