1. D


    Had to reupload because of youtube not posting it in 4K. (Issue fixed, its 4K now.)
  2. Green Phantom

    Beautiful Norwegian Fjords Mountains

    loved this place, wish i had more footage. Short video but gives you a glimps of the dramatic landscape there. Thanks for watching Andy
  3. Green Phantom

    Norway Cinematic Video

    2nd of my Norway trip videos. Gone for a very Cinematic Movie style edit. All filmed with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and edited in Final Cut Pro X Comments welcome
  4. Green Phantom

    Norwegian Fjords - Mountains of Flam

    I visited 3 places with the drone when on holiday in the Norwegian Fjords, this is the 1st of my videos
  5. BlazeAir

    Discover Norway

    Hi all! To be honest, I haven't been on Phantom Pilots in a while, but I feel that sharing this Discover Norway film is the perfect post to start getting back at it. Discover Norway is quite possibly the best overall drone film I have ever seen. I am also sharing it around because a couple of...
  6. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    DJI combo | Jetski Water Activities Norway | P4A and Osmo Plus

    Check out this short teaser made for a local business promoting water activities in the southern Norway :) Clips filmed yesterday and this is a small comp with some of them :)
  7. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Norway - Lyngør lighthouse during winter

    Hi guys! Checknout this clip from Norway, and the Lyngør lighthouse in winter. Bright light but no filters used. A little tweaking in post and stab on one backward jelly effect thats it :) A subscribe would make my day - if you care to ;)
  8. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Cold Sunset - Norway

    Hi all! Yesterday, I finally got the shots i wanted of the sun going down behind some hills from a frozen lake. The colors were beautiful and I think i managed the shooting pretty well - very satisified with the result! Please, have a look yourself and don't hesitate with feedback + or - :)...
  9. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Southern Norway - wintershoot

    Hi! Tried some new tricks and development techniques - heres a couple of yestardays clips. Please comment pros and cons - What bitrate do you gous use on 4K editing? This one is filmed with C4K and 75kbps.... Regards!
  10. M

    Drone video of Santa Sledding down Mountain in Norway

    Here is a video that I and a friend made this winter, there Santa is sledding down a mountain In Summøre Norway. Goofy video but did have some epic drone shoots. Would love to see more of your Christmas videos. Merry Christmas.
  11. S

    Winter in Norway

    Got my first drone a few days ago and made my first video! Phantom 4 pro, i am amazed by the quality you can achieve with this!
  12. Capitan Bastos


    Thank you for your continuous support! It really means a lot! A little behind the scenes for you from my first official commercial project. BTW If you have a dead cat laying around, DM me on IG for my address. A special thank you to Ken Heron for taking his time to give me some great advice...
  13. Capitan Bastos

    Coming Home - A Bastos Movie

  14. Adrian Serwin

    Norway Drone Footage - 1080p - DJI P3P

    From the 30th June until th 10th July I had the pleasure of exploring the southern and western side of Norway. These are some of the quick clips I managed to capture on my trip and after putting them together and adding some music - this is what I've come out with. Hope you enjoy the video!
  15. S

    Sweden and Norway

    Hi everyone, just finished my trip around Scandanavia and Norway. Still learning so messed up plenty of shots but managed to scrape some footage together. Feedback welcome, enjoy!
  16. See Norway

    SeeNorway - NEW video releases! :)

  17. Capitan Bastos

    Oslo, Norway, Royal Palace, vlog

  18. Capitan Bastos

    Phantom 4 Oslo, Norway May1 (vlog)

    It was my daughter's 12th birthday this weekend and I told my subscribers they could wish her a happy birthday if they wanted, the response was incredible to me and ended up like this: The thank you vlog with the droneshots:
  19. Capitan Bastos

    From the snowy mountains of Norway (Planet of Hoth)

    Latest vlog, I had an experience of whiteout, white drone, white clouds, white snow, sun on blast... then these throws of wind came and ten minutes of that was my limit But, got more footage today for next episode. This was shot in Finse and Starwars was also partly shot here, the scene from...
  20. Capitan Bastos

    Oslo opera house