night shot

  1. tml4191

    "Ball is Life."

    P4P shot: SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  2. P-2

    Wanted a night shot, sooooo

    Still all on Auto. Amazing on Auto....... yep, me and my better half on the steps. And Yes....... we do live in the boonies
  3. rudolf samuel


  4. Mario_SB

    Cops shining light on my P3 during night flight.

    Flying over my neighborhood around 12:30am at about 300 feet. I guess the cops were curious and shined their light on me. Out of curiosity, does anyone see anything wrong with flying at night?
  5. rudolf samuel

    Night Shot and Timelapse Video in 4K

  6. K

    Feature Idea - Perfect long exposure shots

    I came up with an interesting idea - awesome feature for long exposure photography. The gimbal on the phantom 3 is very stable. The biggest issue for long exposure photography seems to be the YAW axis (at least for me). The cause is that the Phantom itself can't be that super stable around its...