night photos

  1. M

    beautiful night winter photos of my near neighborhood

    Hello Drone Ethiusiastics! I would like to share with my photos taken on my near neighbourhood. The shots were done at night at winter, when the snowfall were present. It was taken by DJI Phantom 3 Professional at manual settings - ISO: 200, shutter speed from 1 sec to max. 3 seconds, but...
  2. Jakedegraaf

    Keeping Steady Long Exposures

    I have recently been trying to do some long exposure shots and panoramas both during the day and at night. I seem to be having trouble though because my PH3 doesn't stay 100% steady while taking these slow shots. Some photos come out well but others are blurry. Most of the blurry photos I get...
  3. Mario_SB

    Cops shining light on my P3 during night flight.

    Flying over my neighborhood around 12:30am at about 300 feet. I guess the cops were curious and shined their light on me. Out of curiosity, does anyone see anything wrong with flying at night?
  4. SFDTM

    Week One With My P3A (Night Shots & Pano)

    As a professional photographer i'm pretty blown away by camera on the Phantom 3, so **** happy that I made this investment. I'm still having trouble comprehending how the P3 takes a sharp 2-second exposure while way up in the air.
  5. B

    First time at night

    I just recently purchased P3P and after getting some used to it, I took it out after sunset for the first time. No retouching done on these though.
  6. 304HighDrone

    Night photos P3P