nexus 7

  1. I

    Phantom 3 Advanced w/Box and Accessories -$450 (SOLD)

    Edit: it has been sold, no longer available
  2. TMM777

    Nexus 7 help needed!

    I have a 2013 Nexus 7, 32GB (recommended by DJI) tablet that is giving me fits. Clearly I don't have the settings correct.This tablet wants to update to Android OS 6.01 from the current 5.1. I have updates shut off but it still keeps giving me the message to upgrade. The tablet software crashes...
  3. Nivek

    Which Tablet?

    Hi, I have just ordered a p3a (Black Friday Pre-Sale in the UK). I am considering getting a tablet to use with it rather than use my compact smartphone. Three that I have considered are the Nexus 7 32GB 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy Tab A and the iPad Mini 2nd Gen. My question is: Has anyone...
  4. B

    P3S works great with iPad, not with Nexus 7?

    Hi folks, I've logged 125 flights on my P3S using iPad Air as my linked device for the DJI go app. But the iPad is unwieldy and a bit heavy for the RC, and so, I picked up a barely used Nexus 7 2013 generation 2, hoping to use it as a dedicated device mounted to the RC. But I can't get the...
  5. timgting44

    nexus 7 sunshield

    hi guys, had a quick search but can not find much just wanting to know first hand what sunshields are you using as i purchased one from hong kong and it does not fit! so i do not want to waste any more money, i see there is loads of gps ones on the bay which look useless so any first hand input...
  6. C

    Lose WiFi when Nexus 7 is too close to controller

    Lose WiFi when Nexus 7 is too close to controller Figured out that if the Nexus tablet is too close to the controller I lose connection. That goes for whether it is in a holder or even sitting next to it. It needs to be roughly half a foot or more away to keep a stable signal. If it gets too...