new york city

  1. Chrispixs

    Mode C Transponder

    Hi Everyone Does anybody know if a Mode C Transponder is required outside of Class B airspace? I plan on conducting a commercial flight on Captree Island NY (lets say: N 40.636263, W 73.263319.) This area is right outside of New York City's Class B and just out of Long Island MacArthur...
  2. AngAvestruz

    Droning in NYC

    Hello! We're about to head to NYC to film an episode of "Droning America" later in March... Of course we're gonna get waivers when possible, contact the airport, are part 107 certified, etc, etc.... But what can you all tell me about your experiences flying (or trying to :) ) fly there? Thanks!
  3. jlazz447

    Casey Neistat

    Browsed through a few threads that mentioned the man himself Casey but I'm more curious about the rules and regulations he may or may not be breaking. Can someone shed some light on this? I'm a daily watcher of his videos. If you don't know who Casey is by now all you have to do is type into...
  4. C

    Flying areas in New York and westchester county, New York

    Hello, Any drone flyers or any kind of RC flyers from New York or Westchester County? I used to own a drone the dji phantom years ago and after seeing the dji new release of the mavic pro I'm so thrilled to get back in the air and fly and make photo and videos again. I'm planning on purchasing...
  5. C

    Any good drone flying area in New York

    Hi, I've recently owned a dji phantom 2 in the past and sold it, i hadn't flown one in almost 4 years now but I'm getting the new Dji Mavic Pro on release date. But does any know where it is ok to fly the drones nowadays? Around New York City or Westchester County? I personally live in...
  6. M

    Hello from NYC! -- new to the #dronelife

    Hi everyone - I'm brand new here. I don't have too much experience drone piloting, but figured I need a new expensive hobby to get into. I test drove a Phantom IV during SXSW and am sold on the DJI ecosystem. My only previous piloting experience was with a rather low quality Parrot mini drone...
  7. S

    Sup from New York City!

    Hey Guys! Starting out pilot. Just got my phantom 4 standard! Looking for best places to fly around New York and connect with like-minded peeps. Im really excited to start using my drone and am totally researching the crap out of drone usage, etc. because I don't want to get mine nabbed because...
  8. Ari

    Manhattan Panorama at Sunset

    What do you think?