new jersey

  1. Stigy

    My First Video - a Flight Over NJ!

    I put together my first video last week of some footage I captured over a nice park in Secaucus, NJ. Nothing terribly exciting, but just a bit of practice with taking footage that looks good from the drone and some editing practice in Final Cut Pro (transitions, marking, color grading, etc)...
  2. D

    Hello from Barnegat New Jersey

    Hello, I own a company named Digital Drifting LLC dba DD-Drones and fly a Phantom 4 Pro. Recently I obtained my FAA Part 107 small commercial UAV license. Currently I am working on developing a drone-based environmental survey process for NJ beaches and rivers using my P4P with DroneDeploy to...
  3. Yourfriendlyneighbor

    Cape May, New Jersey

  4. Hatwaks

    Stolen Phantom 3 Pro in NJ

    I know this is a long shot but I figured I would do what I could. If there is even a slight chance that this turns up online or at a pawn shop I know I tried.
  5. Jersey Shore Cruising - YouTube

    Jersey Shore Cruising - YouTube

    Short video I made of my buddy cruising through the Jersey Shore. Feedback appreciated!