new device

  1. J

    Disconnected. Not able to fly brand new Phantom 3 pro.

    Hi all, Pretty new here. Just bought myself a Phantom 3 Professional 2 days ago. I really don't want make any mistakes and take all the precautions needed, but at this moment, after 2 days I'm starting the get a little irritated and impatient. My RC keeps displaying 'disconnected'. It worked...
  2. C

    P4 fell from the sky like a rock

    Hi: I am a new p4 owner who just had my first crash. I can not however figure out why. I set the P4 up on level ground. I live out in the desert and there is lots of room to fly.I had a great flight. Took it up to the highest altitude 200'. After some flight time (still at 200'), I...
  3. JamesH

    New iPad--DJI Go App Disconnected

    I had a problem today and I wanted to share what happened and how I solved it, in case anyone else runs into this issue. I've had my Phantom 4 for about 3 weeks now and I use an iPad Air as the display for the DJI Go app. It worked well. Yesterday, I bought a new iPad, the iPad Pro 9.7". I did...