nd filters

  1. jephoto

    Want to Buy- Polar Pro ND filter set for P4P

    Hi gang. Looking to buy a set of Polar Pro ND filters for my Phantom 4 pro V2. And if not polar pro than any other good quality set of straight ND filters. I have a set of ND/PLs, but need some straight NDs for when I’m doing panoramic photos as well as video.
  2. T

    What are your favourite P4P accessories??

    ive had my p4p just over a year now, love it to bits. but just wondering what all your favourite accessories are for it? I recently purchased a PolarPro Dronetrekker Backpack which is awesome, but I have a lot of empty space for stuff! I have 2 batteries, ND filters all the basic stuff! just...
  3. tml4191

    Are these Neewer Polarized ND filters any good?

    https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Phantom-Multi-coated-Definition-Aluminum/dp/B06XHJ54V4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1505504259&sr=8-4&keywords=neewer+phantom+4+pro Are these low priced filters any good?
  4. A

    Polar Pro ND filters VS Polar Pro polarized ND filters

    I use my P4P mainly to shoot video. I recently purchased polarpro's Artisan Collection which comes with ND32/PL, ND64/PL and ND128/PL. I was reading somewhere on the internet about rotating the filter to get the best results and i don;'t know what that means ecaxtly. Question i am asking did i...
  5. J

    Which ND Filters to get for my P3S

    I'm looking into buying some ND filters for my Phantom 3 standard and was looking at these two sets, Can anyone tell me if these are good or can suggest better ones that fit the standard and aren't too heavy for the gimbal. Amazon.com: SANDMARC Aerial Filter for DJI Phantom 3 Standard –...
  6. J

    Desperatly seaking ND filters for Osmo+ (X3)

    Hi guys, Im going on a trip and im desperatly trying to get hold of som ND filters (at least 16 and 32) for my newly bought Osmo+. They are completely sold out where i live (the entire country). Im traveling through Germany and Austria on this coming sunday and monday, do anybody have any...
  7. R

    ND Filters but EV still Off

    So I have been reading on here and other places about getting that "buttery smooth video" when we double the shutter speed from the frame rate. I got some ND filter in amazon and though ok now its time for my videos to shine! I turned on the P3S and set the ISO to 100 and 1080P/30fps so I set...
  8. fhagan02

    FINALLY. Great new NDs with a discount offer.

    Tested some new ND's for my P4Pro. Really nice quality. Really nice company. Gave me a discount code to pass along to my subscribers... thought I'd pass it along here.
  9. tml4191

    Anyone have any p4p ND filters f/s?

    Please contact me if you have any Phantom 4 Pro ND filters for sale.
  10. tml4191

    Here's a list of P4P Filters...Which one do you all recommend?

    Polarpro (3) $99.99 Neewer (3) $25.99 Taco RC (4)$75.99 Skyreat (4) $69.99 Ditzco $8.95 for the lens adapter + More for filter gels PGY (6) $97.99 Which one do you all recommend?
  11. AngryBird

    Neewer ND filters set

    Sold my phantom, want to upgrade to P4 or mavic. I`m tired of never ending range issues... However I still have Neewer ND filter set, which I will not use anymore. It`s originally designed for Inspire 1, but has an adaptor for P3S. Paid nearly 70$. Put it on ebay for starting price of 10 GBP...
  12. DronePilotOne

    Polar Pro Filters

    Looking into this set of Polar Pro Filters for PHP4: DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 Professional Filter 6-Pack Any input on quality and price? How often do you use ND2?
  13. S

    P4P+ Accessories

    I thought some P4P+ owners might be interested in some of the accessories that are slowly making their way into the marketplace. So far, with good luck, I've purchased the silicone skin for the RC, a laminated glass screen protector, PolarPro ND filters (shutter collection) and a 4x charger...
  14. S

    Polar Pro Cinema Series ND's - They're in!

    I know these filters, along with a couple of others have been much anticipated by the P4P community. The ND's are finally making their way into people's hands. There's been a lot of interest in Polar Pro ND's, so I thought I'd throw a quick and dirty post on here to let you guys decide for...
  15. S

    Best Sunrise/Sunset camera settings?

    Has anyone had any luck getting really smooth video timelapses of sunrise/sunset videos with their P4P? I'd like to run manual mode, but not sure where the "sweet spot" is exposure wise. Below are a couple of captures I got recently. They're both sped up for the sake of time, but you can get...
  16. tml4191

    Besides polarpro, who else is scheduled to release some ND filters for the p4p?

    What other companies are going to release the nd filters for the p4p?
  17. D

    SOLD: Polarpro Cinema Series: Shutter Collection never used

    Have a set of cinema series filters here. Never used. Bought them for my P4 but then sold P4 to get mavic. Official Description Comes with polarpro case too! Asking $85, includes shipping in U.S.
  18. AngryBird

    Neewer ND filters, problem or not ?

    Hi guys, I`ve just received Neewer ND filters bought from ebay.co.uk . It`s for inspire 1 but has adaptor for P3S. First look - great build quality, works as it says. Fits very well, no gaps. Adaptor has 2 screws with plastic bottom to secure it on camera. 20161115_191716 by AngryBird posted Nov...
  19. J

    Flying blind with ND16 Attached

    Second day flying my P4. Love Litchi waypoints. Today, tried DJI waypoints. NIce, bright day. Beautiful histogram with ND16 filter installed. Not only are the ND filters sunglasses for the camera, but it's hard to get a bright enough FPV view to set the waypoints in DJI Go. I suppose I could up...
  20. J

    Are ND filters necessary?

    I've had my Phantom 4 for about a week now and absolutely loving it, however I'm going to start using it to film some more important footage now and want to make sure it's capturing the best possible quality video. Are ND filters necessary? And if so, how cheap can you get away with buying them...