motor obstruction

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    Rope caught in motor

    I was flying the drone (phantom 3) and I ran into a rope that was hanging of the side of the house. It got caught in the motor and it gave me a motor obstructed error. It seems to be working fine after I untangled it, but I'm wondering if it is okay.
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    Stuck in a tree - motor obstruction warning

    I was doing a Point of Interest around my home and I started to lower my altitude and there was an evergreen tree that is about 100 feet tall. The blades clipped the tree and it got caught in the tree with the motors running. I tried to climb but something was holding it. I pulled both stick in...
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    Flight Log help

    I recently had a crash when I was landing my drone (P3P) and a low battery warning caused the RTH to kick in. I had updated (or thought) RTH during the flight. I had been flying in the front yard and was landing it about 30 feet away from where it took off. Anyway, when the RTH kicked in, the...