1. M

    Urgent Help!

    Hello fellow drone flyers my name is Adam. I currently have 2 mavic and one inspire 1 fully carbon. I have 3 batteries for my DJI inspire and 8 for mavic pro.I have received some horrible news as one extended family member has been missing in the Kern River in California. Anyone who maybe...
  2. J

    P3 Standard disappeard

    I've had my Phantom 3 standard for about 2 years now. I did the DBS antenna mod and was testing out some distances using the new antenna. I got a little over confident I was quite a distance out and signal was getting sketchy. It went in to RTH mode I can canceled that once I got a connection...
  3. SkyRenderMedia

    Help! Piece Fell Off

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a P3 Pro. Today, I was trying to take the micro sd card out and the gimbal lock slapped off. No big deal right? Well, I noticed a very small rubber tubing looking piece that had come off and cannot figure out where it goes to put it back on. Hoping someone...
  4. S

    No aux power cable on Phantom 2

    I just bought a phantom 2 with some random ebay gimbal for gopro. Unfortunately, there's no aux power in the legs and when i opened the shell, it doesnt seem to be there. Do i just solder the gimbals power directly on to where the battery is soldered onto the controlboard? Or is it possible to...
  5. Procyon

    App Pretending to Record Video

    Hi all, I've found another thread about this issue but it was unresolved and from 2014. I have tried using the Phantom 4 to record video and so far it's only a 70% chance that the video will actually be saved. I've used the record button on the DJI Go app and I have used the RC record button...
  6. Les Hall

    Lost bird - do I need to report to FAA?

    Was flying on my buddy's ranch in way SW Texas near Alpine - it's beautiful out there and I was just starting to get some nice video. To cut a long story short, Phantom just flew off into the distance.I could see it but no matter what I tried could not get it back. Finally it crashed into a...
  7. R

    Remote doesn't come use port (Phantom 3 4K)

    So I just bought the new Phantom 3 4K and in order to connect the remote to my phone I need the USB port. I'm so frustrated that it doesn't come with it. Do I need to buy an adapter? Here's how my remote look like.