max distance

  1. S

    Phantom 4 Pro Max Distance

    So I've flown my P4P a ton and taken it pretty far out so I know how it's supposed to act. I updated firmware a few weeks back and then took it out today to shoot. I took off and everything was normal till I took it out 150 feet. It braked by itself like it reached its max distance limit but the...
  2. Y

    Max Distance Circle disappeared

    Hi , My " max distance circle" has disappeared off the map mode" . Prior to this it was working ok , if i adjusted my " max distance" in the app the circle would adjust proportionally. if i disabled max distance limitation , the circle would dissapear and visa versa. now its gone and wont come...
  3. Skyler King III

    Connecticut Flyers: My Norwalk experience today - beware

    I took my P4 to Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, CT. Lots of grassy park, a nice beach. It cost $25 just to park there for a day but it gets better. Soon after I lifted off from the park area behind the beach and headed over Long Island Sound for whale watching, a "lifeguard" came up to me and...