max altitude

  1. B

    Disable Max AGL Limit

    I'll preface by saying... I'm NOT attempting to circumvent FAA recommendations so please don't chastise me for asking this question without seeing & understanding the context. I'm standing near the base of a +2,000-ft mountain and launching my P3P. I want to fly up the side of the mountain...
  2. B

    Top Altitude Definition???

    Howdy folks from the great southern state of Tennessee!!! I'm hoping you can help me with something. I've searched the forums for some insight to this topic but can't find anything. On the flight log page of the my DJI GO app, there is a heading for "Top Altitude". What is that referring...
  3. Richard Cox

    107 Pilots inspecting towers reaching into Class E airspace.

    I have a question for Part 107. In regard to inspecting radio towers. If the tower is 1300’ reaching into Class E airspace (even though the base of the tower is in Class G; can I fly my drone to an altitude of 1700’? Even though it is still within the 400’ of the structures immediate uppermost...
  4. S

    Max Altitude in P3?

    There are several yt videos with max distance in P3 I am an i-user,so does Litchi permits more than 500 meters altitude?Some russians have uploaded videos with 1300+ meters altitude !!