1. G

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro link with rc fail, firmware?

    Phantom 3 Pro Good morning, I get in touch with you because I do not know what to do anymore. I tell you: the drone fell, not of a high altitude, if a couple of pieces related to the gimbal came out, that I could recover and reassemble, after that, I was able to fly 2 or 3 more times until it...
  2. wwwjogjaskycom

    Phantom 4 advanced manual web based format

    DJI Phantom 4 advanced manual web based version, not pdf, I thought this might interest someone. Link below >> Phantom 4 ADVANCED User Manual v 1.0
  3. J

    Litchi: Out of Range Tilt Camera Action

    Hello, I have a Phantom 3 Standard. I have flown a few out of range missions with Litchi. The drone points in the direction but does not point camera down. I understand the app cannot angle the gimbal if the drone is out of range. From my understanding, after reading many threads on the topic...
  4. SoCalDude

    Can I Do This in RTH Mode?

    The past couple of flights, I used RTH (Smart RTH) so my P4 could fly home. However, both times, it came in too hot and bounced a bit on touchdown. It didn't flip over or break anything (as seen at the end of this video). As a new drone pilot, how can I take control of the aircraft at 3 meters...
  5. B

    Manual exposure question

    I notice that many people use manual exposure when videoing so that the scene doesn't keep changing. I want to use manual exposure myself, but which ISO setting do I use? Is there any rule of thumb where you use a particular ISO for sunny and another for overcast? Or is it all just trial and error?
  6. sonof40

    Manual updates

    What has been changed in the newer v1.8 (2016-07-19) from the older v1.2 (2015-06-11) of the 3PA manual?
  7. R

    Gimbal Roll Adjustment Misbehaves

    I was manually setting the gimbal roll adjustment while flying using the + and - buttons. I'd get the horizon level looking and a second or so later the horizon would pop out of alignment again. My manual adjustment wouldn't stick. This happened over and over. Is this newbie operator error or...
  8. AntonioDavideMarcello

    Phantom 4 Manual: where to find

    On DJI site there is no manual, but it is important to safe operate: is there anyone who knows where to find it also if unofficial?
  9. F

    Manual and safe mode

    Dear 'colleagues', This question certainly has been posted more often I'm sure but I cannot find the answer. Can anyone help me?: In the Phantom 2 Vision Plus will the Failsafe procedure always start with a LOL, also when you re flying in atti or manual mode? Thanks a lot for your knowledge!