1. OOO

    Game of Drones

    This area truly is beautiful in the winter with the snow. Sadly, as of today, it is all melted away. I hope you enjoy it! * P4P * Recorded at [email protected] fps * Uploaded at [email protected] fps * No ND filter * ISO 100 * D-Cinelike * FCPX
  2. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Lumber yard in the dark- Portland Oregon

    Re-flew this spot with better lighting and movements:
  3. D


    these days I only fly for photo and video opportunities but in the golden age of UAV's (last year) I had an uncontrollable urge to fly as low and fast as possible. The Phantom 4 is lots of fun after only having flown the standard--which moves along pretty good too. When IMAX first came out I...
  4. CrazyEye

    Battery Health / Power Questions

    Hello everyone, I have had my Phantom 3 Pro since December of last year so therefore I'm not as experienced as a lot of you may be but my questions are of pretty dire concern and actually might really be nothing, however I cannot really find a "straight forward" answer with the research I've...
  5. Nick Wenzel

    P3 Standard low water shots

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of pulling off a low shot close to water. My concern is that since the standard doesn't have the downward positioning system, it relies off of the altimeter. And apparently the P3S altimeter can be a bit dodgy. Has anyone tried a low shot close to water with the P3S...
  6. V

    Advanced DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Critically Low Battery Error

    Today i took the drone out of the car to film a sunset the battery was at 53% and as soon as i took it up i got a propulsion limited message which i thought was very strange, anyways i wasn't going far so i went a little further and higher and stayed there filming. Then i got a critically low...
  7. Erroll


    I was doing some high speed action shots at my local canoe club this weekend. I did a sharp turn to follow a group of kayaks as they passed me, but I inadvertently also pulled down on the stick....... Look closely at the bottom of the frame after they have gone past. Close call but I think it...
  8. S

    Almost lost my Phantom 3 Pro

    I almost lost my beloved Phantom 3 on Saturday night. I had a couple of drinks and then decided to fly an auto pilot mission using the FPV camera app (which I love by the way). I quickly typed in a few targets, entered about 15 waypoints, and let the bird loose. The mission was planned for 10...