lost signal

  1. M

    Phantom 3 professional losing signal a few feet away.

    Good afternoon! At the beginning of the year I acquired a Phantom 3 Professional, it has always been a beauty to fly with it, going to distance and huge altitudes, but recently I am facing some problems. I always made flights with altitudes above 200 meters, reaching the limit of 500 meters...
  2. G

    My phone screen streaming results lost after 30/40 m

    Hi guys, i ve some troble with the live streaming on my phone, it disconnecting after about 30/40 m ( i ve phantom 3 pro ) , someone can help me? I live in italy, and i m using CE radio connection
  3. W

    P3S lost signal, but RTH doesn't seem to kick in.

    I am relatively new and basically flew just a bit out of range. Actually I live in the Appalachian Mountains and I just flew around a stand of trees where I was just out of sight. Anyway, I lost signal and it seemed like it was just hoovering so I pressed the RTH button on the app. I got a...
  4. K

    NSW, Australia - recommended drone reTREEval expert!

    Had some sad moments today when an RTH was required after signal was lost and the headland and the soaring gum trees conspired to be way higher than the 30m height that it was set at for RTH. However, it all ended super well because of some good searching, some deduction of location from the...
  5. B

    Lost signal, then crashed

    Took my usual flight at the local AMA airfield which I have flown at many times without problem. This time, I launched and flew flawlessly for about 5 minutes and was only about 100' away when all of a sudden, the drone either lost signal or had the motors stop and it tumbled out of the sky and...
  6. Drestin Black

    Hey DJI: Easy solution to most crashes

    I've been reading a lot on this forum and others. To me, the most common sources of crashes are: actually hitting something due to pilot error and return to home crashes. I'd like to address this second category because there is a very easy solution to it, that can be done via software...
  7. gilang adi

    ps3 rc red ligth

    why my rc has red light? even though i try video on youtube for link the rc to the ac, but still red light, what should i do for link rc to ac? my signal is lost after 2 minute connected and the red light on in the rc, firmware 1.68
  8. J

    Lost signal at barely 100m (300ft)

    I just bought a new Phantom 4 and have taken it out 6-7 times so far. Everything worked perfectly fine until today, when I went up to 100m and suddenly lost connection. It came back down on its own and I picked up the signal again at around 80m, but then it kept saying the signal was very weak...
  9. W

    No video transmission signal - short range :,(

    Hi! Been having a couple of different issues since i bought my P3 Standard a couple of days ago. The main issue i´m having now is extremly weak image transmission. I´m most often losing transmission signal around 30-40 meters away, and do not get it back until i come back to a range of like 10...
  10. K

    NO Fly Zone?

    Just crashed my drone in the water under a bridge. Flying was fine, lost connection and within 1 second the gimbal spend out of control and went and the drone went straight down. Before I contact DJI with my flight details, is flying my drone UNDER a bridge a no fly zone?
  11. H

    signal lost over ~150 metres

    Hi, When will fly for about 150 meters (whether upward or forward ) pops up a message : signal lost and my drones automatically returns to me. Dron is OK , updated and relinked (i got 1.6.8 but downgrade it to 1.5.7), pulled out of the package a week ago.I have them max distance 400m and cant...