1. New Phantom Owner

    Litchi App & RTH Failsafe

    Following a recommendation I am considering buying the litchi app, installing it on my Samsung Galaxy S7, and flying my modified Phantom 3 Standard in VR FPV. My main concern is this. My flying environment is typically quite less than ideal for signal continuity. Environment is plagued by...
  2. I

    GPS signal

    Hey guys! I had a little problem with gps during a flight sometimes. And I don’t know what it depends on. How does the GPS work on the Phantom? Does it work from my phone or somehow from the drone on its own? Thank You in advance
  3. SoCalDude

    Updated to v.Latest (here are my results) . . .

    Okay, I was "living on the edge" last night. I updated everything that I could to the latest available versions—P4, RC, DJI Go (iOS). Refer to version summary below. Additionally, last night, I re-calibrated everything, including IMU, VPS, gimbal, and even the RC controller sticks. On the way...
  4. Tarzan!

    Anybody exploring caves with their drones?

    I searched and found a few old threads, but none that were too recent. I was wondering if anybody has been flying their drones in any caves and if they've had any issues/tips about flying in the caves? I mostly plan to fly in the larger caves to limit the risk of a collision, but there are a...
  5. V

    Problems with video signal

    My Phantom 3 Standard has an issue with the video signal. I use my OnePlus 2. My first several flights were alright and I got some decent live video range. Then it started losing the video signal after I took off. I could still control the drone and the gimbal, just didn't have a live feed. It...
  6. Phantom on Ice - YouTube

    Phantom on Ice - YouTube

    On a wintry day in New England, I accidentally lost my DJI Phantom 1.1.1 quadcopter drone on a thin skim of ice on the pond in my back yard. This is a story of loss and recovery.
  7. N

    P2V+ range issue and connection loss

    Dears Recently I am facing the problem with my P2V+ that it suddenly looses WiFi-connection if I go further than 150m (500ft). Some weeks before I could fly about 500m (1600ft) without problems. The controls on the other hand work without problems at 500m (1600ft). I have made a screen...
  8. A

    P3 Firmware I received my P3P with very old firmware, should I upgrade?

    I know I will have to update the firmware for benefits like Follow Me and POI etc., but what I'm really curious about are the improvements in each new version of firmware. I currently have 1.1.8 on the RC, 1.1.9+ on the Phantom and am using version 2.3.0 of DJI Go. I have flown several time with...