1. M

    Convert DJI A2 log files obtained from mark-II iOSD (.dat) to csv format

    There are multiple software available that convert phantom and mavic (.dat and .txt) log files to csv and analyse them. I have tested my log files on all these software but nothing worked. Is there any such software for DJI A2 flight controller that may convert the encrypted .data log files...
  2. E

    Flight no longer steady, flyaway/crash close call

    Hey Everyone, I have a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ That doesn't have that many hours on it. I can probably say it has only been on around 12 flights in its lifetime. With that said, the recent flights have become very unpredictable, with it not being able to hover steady, nor is it easy to land...
  3. t2adze

    DJIFlightRecord File not there.

    Hello All Just wanted to upload the file to the Log Viewer, but when i entered SHIELD Tablet K1\Internal shared storage\DJI\dji.pilot\FlightRecord There was no flight from today. There were other logs from the earlier days, but not the ones from today. How can i fix this? Any solutions? Thanks
  4. K

    Log - Phantom 2

    Hi to all, how are you? I got a big question, Is there any method of obtaining the flight log of a phantom 2 plus by another way than the Iosd? I look forward to your prompt reply and thank you very much.
  5. SoCalDude

    Flight Logs

    I'm knew to the Phantom. My P4 arrives tomorrow. Woo-hoo! I understand that the Go app creates flight logs. What if I occasionally use another app like Litchi? Does it keep its own log? If so, do both the Go and Litchi apps allow exporting the logs to some common format (CSV, Excel, etc) so...
  6. tgmaverick

    Drone Logbook not accepting DJI logs

    Since upgrading DJI Go to version 2.85, I can no longer upload flight logs to DroneLogbook.com. They have a message stating that their program can no longer parse these logs and to just use Autoflight instead. However, I have a bunch of logs that I'm just waiting to upload but not sure if I...
  7. G

    Flight Logs

    Greetings, relatively P4 hobby flyer. I've been using a few memory cards, and while reviewing footage on a Windows 10 tablet recently I was got memory card errors with one of them. The card appears fine, it works on my desktop, but I'd still like to format it just in case. I plan to do that...