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  1. S

    FPV Issue Black Pearl Monitor

    Hello, I am posting this for a friend. I am not getting any live feed from the Black Pearl Monitor using a GoPro Hero 4. These are my specs: ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz 600mw 7 Channel Video Transmitter: Band F PAL setting Rx1 & 2 are on Ch6 Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. P

    ocusync vs lightbridge

    I saw the new DJI Mavic pro and I saw that it does not use lightbridge to transmit video but it used ocusync so I was wondering whats the difference between ocusync and lightbridge.
  3. M

    P3 Standard Android Facebook Streaming

    Hi all I run on a Samsung S6 Edge and with the latest DJIGO app update it is meant to allow facebook live streaming, now I do have the feature within my menu settings however it is always greyed out and not a fuctioning feature. However if I use an iPhone 5s it works perfectly fine, I have seen...
  4. K

    Faulty Live Feed / system error

    Please help, this is a nightmare! The live feed won't work, its just shows a black screen with a loading icon. I'm using: iPhone 6SE App v1.0.6 (I tried to downgrade to 1.0.56 but this failed) firmware 3.14 I've checked all the wires are plugged in correctly, I've tried rebinding the wifi...
  5. Rush Videos

    FB & Periscope Streaming

    Recently tested out the live steam feature Facebook offers with the iPhone. Using a phantom 3 4K it worked flawless. Periscope on the other hand, seems to be iffy at times. Would like to hear everyone else's experiences with both platforms.
  6. A

    No live video feed - help!!

    I have a P3A. I am trying to get the live camera view from the DJI app to appear on my Samsung tab 4 7". I am able to control the gimbal, I can record video, I can take off and land (manually), etc with the remote control but I can't get the live feed. What typically happens is I turn on the...
  7. G

    P3A/P range and video preview quality

    Hi, I am aware this has been asked in various formats before but I could really need an updated advice. Sold my p2v+ and currently debating whether to put in the extra bucks for a p3p. I reakly have no need for 4k video but I am looking for the best range with the best fpv experience (on a...