litchi for p2

  1. P

    Gimbal tilt - Only works occasionally on P2V+ (using Litchi for P2). Help!

    My P2V+ seems to have an intermittent problem wrt the gimbal tilt. It only works occasionally when using Litchi for Phantom 2. It works with the DJI app ok but that's useless and the Ground station simply doesn't work at all. Normally Litchi loads up OK and the Gimbal control lights up...
  2. phxbird57

    Litchi for the Phantom 2 vision plus update

    Litchi sent me an email this morning saying they will be updating the app for us to version 2.7.3 with the new address for they new server. SO if you what to do a mission ( way point) it will work again. We have been out of this feature for a few months. I would like to THANK YOU Litchi for...
  3. L

    Litchi for p2 follow me mode

    Hi, Will the phantom also descent when you go downhill or will he remain at the same altitude? Lars