litchi and gps waypoint flight issues

  1. S

    Error when importing .csv file to Litchi App

    So I make a set of waypoints using the flylitchi mission hub and exported them as a .csv file. When I import that same file into the litchi app, the coordinates are all over the place and don't line up. How do I fix this?
  2. D

    litchi rotate question

    I am using litchi way points. The program works great and today I set waypoint (2) to go down from 30m to 3m and then start recording while doing a rotation of 360 degrees. Once done, go to waypoint 3 at 30m. The drone did the mission but never held at waypoint 2 nor did it follow the...
  3. T

    drone leaves waypoint route

    We program a course in litchi. Drone goes to first or second waypoint then stops following course and starts climbing straight up. We have to kill program and manually return it or press rth.
  4. Bermuda Sunset

    High Drama and Amazement, Happiness and Thankfullness

    How I got my drone back I will never know. I set up a Litchi Mission to overfly a small village up the mountains where I live. I took great care in setting all the altitude parameters, checking in Google Earth. My height buffer was 8o feet (25 meters). For some reason my poor drone dropped...
  5. P

    Litchi waypoint mission won't start/upload?

    Hi all. I'm pretty new to the drone thing and loving it. So I bought the Litchi app specifically so I could take some solid areal footage of my dad's farm. I set up some small missions to orbit around the outbuildings and barns, as well as a cable cam type of shot going down the property line...
  6. S

    Litchi GPS waypoint flight issue

    I installed the Litchi app onto my Samsung Galaxy 5s (having 6.0.1 Android). My P4pro was up to date firmware, and software as was my Galaxy. I wanted the Litchi app in order to use my Zeiss VR goggles. In order to make the Litchi app operate I had to uninstall mt DJI GO app. That was...