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    Program landing with Litchi

    Is there a way to insert a landing into a programmed flight? For example, I would like to sent the Mavic to my brothers house and have it land in his back yard and drive over later and get it.
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    New Android Tablet and Lichi

    I have a cheap tablet that works with Litchi, but has limited battery, etc. I have now bought my 2nd tablet in 5 days, beacus I get this error: Cannot connect to DJI servers to verify the app. Already connected to the internet? Please try a different connection (e.g mobile data/WiFi, etc.) It...

    First FPV flight lost connection over water - litchi app

    well did my first test and lost connection over a lake. Luckily it returned to the home point but at low level nearly hitting a tree. In my DJI go app it it set to 30 meters. When it returned home with litchi it came same height as I was currently flying at the last moment I lost signal. And...
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    Litchi orbit

    I'm finding that when I use litchi orbit it's not keeping the item in the centre very well, it tends to drift about a bit and it's like the yaw of the bird isn't really being handled very well. See this video here to see what I'm talking about. Any thoughts on how I can improve this?