lines in video

  1. Chuck1906

    Moire problems noticed in my P3P footage

    I just search some older posts here on Phantom Pilots about folks having issues with Moire in their drone footage. One person suggested to turn on high quality playback with Adobe Premiere Pro and some others say to go into the Phantom's camera settings and reduce the sharpness and use ND or...
  2. J

    Problem, lines in the screen and video recorded

    Hello, I am an user from a Phantom 3 Advanced since some months, all went ok untill this week when in the image in my phone and in the video recorded in the sd started to appear some vertical lines in the sky. Now when I started my Phantom the image is more or less ok (sometimes strange...
  3. dewaynet

    Lines in Video

    Anyone know what could cause something like this? This is the first time that I have seen this in a video, looks like some type of interference. There were no cell towers, public service repeaters etc in the area. Only did it this once.. lines in video