1. ETodd

    Licensing Requirements

    Hello, I have just acquired a new drone for work and was wondering if my minimal amount of use would still require being licensed. I work for a college and will be flying only around the campus and going no higher than a 4 story building. It seems excessive to need to be licensed for such...
  2. S

    South African remote pilot license

    Does anybody here know the easiest and most cost effective way to obtain a RPL in South Africa? Most agencies charge more than R18 000 to do the course, which I think is a bit outrageous compared to other countries?
  3. J&W

    Business License

    I was wondering what others are doing about business licenses in the US. Specifically those who work out of their home and do not have a commercial office. I come from a service industry where every local municipality wants you to get a city business license. How many of you who are in business...
  4. jlazz447

    (Need Advice) Commercial Shoot of Private Property

    Hello All! I have a difficult question I was hoping someone could shed some light on for me... I was recently contacted by a production company that wanted to use my drone video they saw online for part of a episode in their upcoming television show. The video was taken about a year ago and...
  5. SkyFrog

    Commercial flying & Part 107, etc

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and had some specific questions regarding commercial uas flight. I have seen several other posts on this and have read through them, but I am still confused. I just bought a phantom 3 pro, with intentions of starting a small business doing real estate, roof...
  6. R

    Drone License Long Island

    How many people actually have the drone license? Is it really worth getting for recreation if you follow common sense rules? Or is it mainly there to cover your *** if you get caught flying somewhere that you are not supposed to be? Parts of this test seem unnecessary for hobbyists. Are the...
  7. D

    Hawaii Drone License

    So I was just flying my drone a few minutes ago in Waikoloa, HI and a security guy came over and asked if I had a drone pilot license. He said they were required. Is the license he was talking about just the basic recreational FAA registration or is it something else?
  8. I

    Legally selling your footage in the US

    Hello, I've had thoughts of getting my Drone Pilots license, but for now I've just been flying for fun with my DJI inspire 1 and getting footage for my own benefit. This last weekend, I got some amazing footage of my city's local river near flood stage and I did some editing and posted it on...
  9. B

    Phantom Registration Question

    I have had my phantom 3 professional for about a month now. I licensed it around a week after I got it. Am I supposed to be getting a sticker to put on the phantom? I ordered the package that comes with them so it can be considered as registered.
  10. SoCalDude

    Why your Pilot's Certificate is not a "License"

    Ever wonder why your pilot’s “license” is really a pilot’s “certificate?” Or did you even know (or care)? One of the most common sayings in aviation is that your pilot certificate is a license to learn, and your non-flying friends and family members will always think of that precious bit of...
  11. daddios

    UAV licensing/certification school

    anyone know where schooling on above subject is happening ? just want to know more about the subject london ontario canada
  12. J

    Light Sport Flight Instructor looking into drone commercial ops

    I'm a Light Sport Pilot flight instructor and FAA Designated Practical Examiner (fixed wing and powered parachute) and also a private pilot. I started getting phone calls last year from people wanting to get their light sport license so they could operate drones commercially and I had absolutely...
  13. Jogle

    Licensing Popular Music: SongFreedom

    I'm not sure how many people are legitimately concerned with using copyrighted music for their drone videos (even when they're being sold), but I imagine not enough. Here's a site I found that let's you license even top 40 music for a reasonable fee: From the Website...