1. T

    Making money

    So I'm looking at starting to make some money from my drone, im hopefully doing my part 107 in the next few weeks. I've been looking into websites such as drone base and ive got a few other ideas, but I wanted to know if anyone has any experience in making money from drones, how it went, and...
  2. H

    registration question

    just paid the 5$ for the simple non commercial option just to make sure i was legal . my question is : when ever I'm ready to go out and try for paid jobs do i have to do the process again but for commercial lic ????
  3. C

    Using photos & video on your website

    Hi all anybody know the rules about using drone footage and images on your own website I know you need a licence from caa to do aerial work but if you just want to show of a beach video you have taken of your own town or say a local hotel near the beach (not get any kind of payment). what is the...
  4. G

    licence number for phantom 1

    My old computer crashed a few days ago I have loaded the new Naza-m v2 software on the new computer but the phantom will not communicate with the software it says its not connected. also the info page is asking for a 32 digit authorisation code I only have 11 digit code can anybody help many...
  5. embayweather


    When I learn to fly my drone (wehn that is) , I want to sue it to take images that can be sold for charities. The plan being that the images I take, once processed, will be given to the respective charity for sale. i will get no money or remuneration from it. My research suggests that I would...