1. M

    Fast MicroSD card not usable in P4P

    I just received a new Lexar 64GB Pro Micro SDXC card UHS-II (1000X) from B & H. I popped it into my Phantom 4 Pro, and I got an SD Card Error message. No more details seemed to be available. The card appeared to be preformatted OK on my Windows PC. What's the problem? Should I send the...
  2. M

    P4P and 128Gb Lexar SD card

    I have a new Lexar 128Gb micro SDXC UHS-II U3 class 10 1000x card for the P4P. No way to make it work: "Format failed" from the quad. I also formatted it in my Mac as ExFAT. Is this card too much for the P4P?
  3. Retroman

    Lexar MicroSD locked after few flights

    So I got my new Phantom 4 the other day. I also picked up a 128GB Lexar 633x Class 10 UHS-I MicroSD card as I read it works fine in the copter. It did work, for a couple of flights but now the card itself is saying its write protected and I cannot format or write to it in any way. I’ve tried to...