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    Drone injuries

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I am doing research on drone injuries and what caused them. I would love it if you guys could post stories and pictures of incidents with drones resulting in anything from minor bruises to severe cuts. I have about 100 documented crashes on file right now but...
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    Newbie in Brisbane, Australia

    Hi everyone! We live in Brisbane, Australia and have a brand new Phantom 3 4K that we are so keen to fly BUT get constant errors when attempting the first automatic take off. I'll be scouring this site for help!! If anyone knows someone/somewhere we can get a few lessons from, let me know...
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    Discount Flight School

    Hey everyone I'm passing on some information for y'all. The company I work for (EZDrone.com) is implementing flying lessons for all skill levels. The Portland location's first one is a beginner class for kids. The class will consist of safety precautions, proper multirotor care, the science...