led light

  1. S

    Battery Issue: LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for 7 seconds and repeats

    When i plug my battery in directly to the DJI factory charger the only thing that happens is LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for around 7 seconds and the repeats. all day long. what could my issue be? this battery is room temperature and hasnt been flown recently. Also all 3 other batteries I...
  2. Joey Shanks

    UFO visual effects

    Hey I'm Joey Shanks and I am new to the forum. Just got a DJI Phantom 3 standard, and I am fairly new to flying drones. I create visual effects for my PBS web series "Shanks FX" and my next episode deals with creating UFO visuals with my new drone. A couple gifs --> Here is link to...
  3. Rambo1

    Low cost light weight headlight! Buy locally!

    Ive been looking for a small low cost light to put on my P34K as a headlight so I can easily see that I am pointing back in my direction when flying at night. Granted I can use my DJI GO app but I want line of sight at night. While shopping at WalMart yesterday I came across a real nice 2 pack...