1. Skyer

    Short films - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi everyone! Here are the first short videos I've put together with footage from my P3A: High speed... Backyard fun... Landmark... Over water... Landscape... Comments, likes, and new subscribers are always appreciated! Skyer
  2. will.moindrot

    Drone footage from Wales and a cycle carry pack

    Hi All, Here's our latest video with our Phantom 4, where we were using it on our walking, cycling holiday at the Mawddach Valley in Wales, UK. I remember that there's some interest here on seeing our green and pleasant Wales from the air. We're getting more confident about flying over water...
  3. R


    All that remains of an industrial past...
  4. fotografiko

    Photography and photomerge

    Last week I was on a golf camp, take this series of shoots and use photomerge in photoshop cs6, the other two pics just to check the sensor camera, what do you think?
  5. The Jalapeño In The Colorado

    The Jalapeño In The Colorado

    Red Bud Isle, Austin, Texas The island in the middle of the Colorado River was formed during a 1900 flood after a dam collapsed. It also looks like a jalapeño!
  6. AndyGB

    Rolling hills, crashing waves, and ancient buildings

  7. AndyGB

    Seaside town of Minehead, gateway to Exmoor National Park, England

    A panoramic view of Minehead, a pretty little English seaside town famous as the gateway to Exmoor National Park.
  8. AndyGB

    Broughty Ferry Beach, near Dundee in Scotland

  9. AndyGB

    Auchterhouse Hill, near Dundee in Scotland

  10. C

    Experience Reel Thailand

    The past few weeks I have been working during free time to compile a video featuring my aerial cinematography. The following video showcases my travels throughout Thailand including Phuket, Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon, Mae Hong Son, Kanchanaburi, and Ayutthaya. Many of the places I flew were under...
  11. AndyGB

    Exploring the ravines of Toronto

    One of the many pretty ravines that wind through Toronto, Ontario.
  12. wernernagel

    A Small Lake in the Black Forest in Autumn

    The Blindensee, a small moor lake in southern Germany! Hope you enjoy!
  13. Kevo

    Drone Photo Contest

    Hi everyone, I work for Hivemapper, a drone software startup in Silicon Valley. We are currently looking for amazing drone images of the top 100 metro areas of the United States to feature on Go here to see the top 100 metro areas of the US...