2. jephoto

    Anyone flown near Valley of Fire, Nv?

    Going to be in Las Vegas for a job next week. My friend wants to shoot sunrise at Vallery of Fire. Wondering if anyone here has flown in the area- if there's a decent place to launch from outside the park- therefore legal - that would be in range of anything photo worthy? Any tips & suggestions...
  3. RPP

    Hand of God

    Frozen landscape at Másvatn in North Iceland. Photo with DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.
  4. B

    Pray for Australia

    Hi guys, I'd love to share a drone shot work which finished on couple months ago. This video edited just because Australia was happening bushfires situation, I've been there working&holiday for 2 years and fall in love that amazing country, therefore I was feel sad and edited this video pray for...
  5. furthertofly

    Moonrise, LaSal Mountains, Moab, Utah (P4P+; HDR; Aurora; Photoshop)

    Moonrise, LaSal Mountains, Moab, Utah (P4P+; HDR; Aurora; Photoshop)
  6. Maddy

    Coeur d Alene Lake sunset in Idaho

    The smoke and haze is finally gone from our region and was able to capture the sunset that I've been waiting for!
  7. Mad Air Adventure

    Tenerife Landscape 4K Video - DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    Hello everybody, I am new here and would like to introduce myself: My name is Marcel, 27 years old and I come from Middle Franconia, Germany. Sorry for my bad english :) My drone is a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which I have owned for about 9 months. It's my first drone and I'm really happy with it...
  8. D

    Video unavailable

    Video unavailable
  9. Xiaolu Chu

    Rough Roads to Tibet

    My road trip to Tibet with DJI Inspire1, Phantom4A and Suzuki Jimny. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Zen Ho

    Stone Forest.Wo Yang Shan

    Wo Yang Shan, Hong Kong
  11. Zen Ho

    Standing on the Edge.Lantau Peak

    Lantau Peak, Hong Kong
  12. DutchDroneAdventures

    White Landscape Drone Footage | DJI P4 Drone Shots

    WHITE LANDSCAPE DRONE FOOTAGE FEELS LIKE A OTHER WORLD A Winter Season I won't Forget Be Alone on a Landscape where no one has bin. Only Animals i love the most! White Landscapes is a you are on in Wonderland. I hope you guys love this to Winter Specials! I will miss it! Thats why i made this...
  13. R

    Fall in the City 4K Cinematic Short – An Ode To Fall

    Hey all, I made a short cinematic video of the fall season in my home city. Some moves from my previous cinematic drone tutorial videos were used for this video, which you can also check out if you have time! I hope you like it!
  14. Zen Ho

    Aqua Wonders.Wang Chau

    Wang Chau, located in eastern district in Hong Kong sea area, full of stunning tubular rock columns and sea caves!
  15. furthertofly

    Autumn evening at Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

    Phantom 4 Pro +, medium-resolution JPEG version, HDR
  16. tml4191

    Banaue Rice Terraces : Panorama

    I had to resize the picture to 81% to make it less than 20mb: ... 9-bb60-0fa1e8586882 I decided to go with Kolor Autopano 4 to stitch this photo together. Thanks for everyone that recommended this program. Even though it is slower compared to PTGUI, I prefer...
  17. Zen Ho

    Prairie in the sky

    DJI Phantom 4 Advanced - Kai Kung Leng Prairie in the sky, one of the highest mountain in northern Hong Kong, barely find a tree on the mountain, giving the hiker 360 degree wide view of northern territory.
  18. Adrian Serwin

    Norway Drone Footage - 1080p - DJI P3P

    From the 30th June until th 10th July I had the pleasure of exploring the southern and western side of Norway. These are some of the quick clips I managed to capture on my trip and after putting them together and adding some music - this is what I've come out with. Hope you enjoy the video!
  19. Sunset Over Park City, Utah

    Sunset Over Park City, Utah

    Sunset Over Park City, Utah (HDR)
  20. Zen Ho

    Spectacular Landform - Ninepin Group

    The Ninepin Group LLC features hexagonal vertical rhyolite columns, the volcanic rock resulting from a volcanic eruption near Sai Kung about 140 million years ago. Ninepin Group is extremely eroded due to the heavy tides that wash against the islands every day. It features several sea caves as a...