1. The day after

    The day after

    A Natural Park not too far from Rome after severe wind gusts
  2. M

    ESC status error after hard contact with tree and a few seconds in shallow water

    Yes... I flew Phantom 3 Advanced into tree and it came down into shallow (about 4 inches of water near shore) water where I grabbed it less than 3 seconds later. Anyway, now getting "ESC status error. Restart aircraft." Searching internet and this forum suggest ESC errors might come from bad...
  3. W

    Switzerland - Derborence Lake

    Two immense landslides occurred in 1714 and 1749 at the Diablerets. At the time these mountains were called Rochers and Scex de Champ, and the landslides were considered to be works of the devil. The mountains were consequently renamed Diablerets, Devils Mountains. The 100-metre-high mounds of...
  4. W

    Switzerland - Lavaux

    Lavaux - unesco world heritage site
  5. W

    Geneva Switzerland

    Playing around the city of Geneva with my OSMO. Please let me know what you think.
  6. electriclife

    ACQUA - A 4K Cinematic Video About Bodies Of Water - Filmed With DJI Drones

    A Showreel of several locations featuring bodies of water. Filmed with DJI Drones such as: Mavic PRO, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 PRO, Inspire 2 and the latest Zenmuse X7 Camera, as well as many locations in Italy and Switzerland such as: Lake Como (Lago di Como), the Susten Pass in Switzerland, the...
  7. Clench M'cheeks

    Pontoons/Floats Phantom Water Landing Gear

    i recently ran across these while investigating a set of r/c airplane pontoons to affix to my phantom... Anybody have anything like on their craft? Or know anybody? The thought of water anywhere near my drone makes me nervous, but if you're flying over water it seems like a great safety device...
  8. electriclife

    Cinematic aerial 4k video of Alpe Del Cavalli Lake & Dam, Piedmont Italy.

    Alpe del Cavalli is a quiet, gorgeous and peaceful area of Piedmont, close to the Swiss border. The area is full of hydroelectric power plants, many build by Senator Ettore Conti, the Edison company and designed by famed Architect Piero Portaluppi. Most of the plants and still active and feed...
  9. adventurecampitelli

    Latest adventure video whith some drone shots

    Have some drone shots of waterfalls, canyons, and lakes and beaches. let me know if you like.
  10. electriclife

    Autumn In Italy. Cinematic Video filmed with DJI P4P. Featuring Cannero's Castles, Monte Rosa...

    Cinematic video of Italy's Autumn, seen through aerial landscapes and locations such as Lake Maggiore, Castelli di Cannero, Mottarone mountains, Monte Rosa's at sunset abandoned villas and castles and much more.
  11. L

    New drone vid check it out

  12. A

    Mermaid, pink lakes and flamingos in Mexico

    Hey guys just finished editing new video on youtube. If you have time check it out and let me know what do you think Watch it with sound if available Thanks
  13. Hammer

    glacier lakes in the back country

    I hiked my P4 17km up a mountain to take some video of Watersprite lake. hope you enjoy. feedback is welcome. also the hiking footage is obviosly not from my drone
  14. Trunks97RS

    Lake Lenexa - Cool Dam

    Short and sweet. Cool dam. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Trunks
  15. electriclife

    Italy and Switzerland by Drone

    An Aerial Video of several locations in Italy and Switzerland, all shot with DJI Drones. Includes: Passo San Marco, Susten Pass, Modena, Tuscany, Val Verzasca **** (Including the famous 007 bungee jump), Sardinia, San Giulio Island (Orta Lake), Cogne Valley, in the Aosta Valley, Hasliberg, The...
  16. See Norway

    SeeNorway - Gjersjøen - 4k cold ice lake

    Hi peepz :) Just finished editing a short video of a small lake covered by ice. SeeNorway on youtube