1. P

    Looking to hire SDK developers

    I'm looking to hire iOS developers who have experience working with the DJI SDK. Full-time positions and preference is for US-based. Message me if you're interested.
  2. T

    500$ a day for Texas pilots

    No this is not a scam. A friend called me today and is looking for 3 107 pilots and 3 want to be's to work the disaster area in Texas. $500 a day, 50 PD and $125 for housing. This offer is like a ripe banana they want you to start ASAP with a 1 day training in in San Antonio. The down fall...
  3. S


    I am looking for someone to help me film videos in Los Angeles. This is a video I made. If you are interested, message me via instagram @sfpix
  4. J

    Help needed filming - Bristol UK - Paid

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post in so I apologise if not. I'm looking for a drone owner/operator in the Bristol area to help me get some pick-up shots for a short personal project I am working on. I need a drone that can shoot 4K so I'm looking for the level of a DJI...
  5. Neary Aerial

    Blogger wanted...

    I need some blog articles for my website: Neary Aerial - Drone and UAV Extended Warranty Anyone interested please email me at: [email protected] Thanks! Matt Neary
  6. Drones 4 Hire

    A Drone Pilots Perspective

    We just launched part of our drone pilot job board on 9/1 ( ). We want to expand on this platform with the drone pilot in mind. What business resource tools, services, or features would assist you in your drone business? Would you like to be able to keep records and jobs...
  7. A

    1 day job offer for DJI pilots in Denmark (Roskilde)

    Hi to everyone! There is an Atlantic Challenge 2016 contest in Roskilde this summer. From 16 to 23 july (AC 2016 Roskilde). As a member of Russian team i'm making a documentary about our team. To make film greater i need some DJI shots so i'm looking for a person who can make a footage. If...
  8. A

    DroneView Tech - Looking for Experienced Pilots in Arizona

    DroneView Technologies does inspection based service work for enterprise clients throughout the nation. We're currently looking for a pilots with experience in Arizona. DroneView does the sales work and logistics so that a pilot can focus on what they're best at.. flying. We ask for a typed...
  9. D


    Hi All, is launched, up and running... Some of the main features: 1) Get direct contact from potential customers, without any referral fee! 2) Display pictures and YouTube videos 3) A professional pilot profile that includes your contact and business details 4) The...
  10. DroneCaddyApp

    Drone Owners and DroneCaddyApp - Looking for Pilots

    New app for golfers help drone owners make some side cash So you own a drone like many of us here on the forum. How do you turn all those practice hours into some recurring revenue? Depending on what you fly there might be the opportunity to make some cash. DroneCaddyApp is a start up that...