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    DJI Phantom 3 Standard Footage Shaky NOT Jello

    Hallo Community and Phantom Pilots. I have some serious issues with my phantom 3 standard. The footage is shaky. BUT it is NOT every flight. I do not have a clue what could cause the shake: 1) IMU Calibration 2) Latest Firmware 3) New & balanced Props 4) new white damper 5) just 2 plastic clips...
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    Wobbly Video Recording (Jello Effect?) with Gimbals

    You know the problem?? (wavy lines in video)... as far as i am aware this is only valid with gimbal mounted cameras (lets face it, without a gimbal your video is gonna be a little shaky anyway!). My solution is to use ND (neutral density) filter fitted to my camera (a gopro chinese copy)...
  3. D

    Phantom is Vibrating and video has MASSIVE jello.

    Hi, my name is Weston, and I'm trying to use my Phantom 3 standard for real estate video, but the bird vibrates like crazy, and the gimbal can't compensate, so video is unusable. I've tried shooting at 1/50th Shutter speed with a ND Filter, and that helps a bit, but video still unusable. I've...
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    Issue with gimbal shake

    Hi All, I'm new here, just got a used DJI Phantom 3 Standard that needed the gimbal put back on and the yaw arm replaced. I repaired the phantom and it flys perfectly, the camera looks fine except that it has a slight shake to it. When the drone is on the floor or a table there is no shake...
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    Jello when moving forward

    Hi Folks, I am a newbie here with a P3s with a half or dozen flights under my belt and am really impressed with the P3 so far. I have been lurking for a while here and have found some great posts so far that have helped me both understand and learn about options and settings when flying. I...
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    Help with "Jello Effect" on P3 Standard

    Hey folks! Having some problems with the "Jello Effect" on my P3 Standard (video demo below). It's only started recently, and I can't for the life of me figure out why! Any help that can be offered with fixing the issue would be greatly appreciated.
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    P3 Pro gimbal wobble and jerk

    I was out flying yesterday and a problem that happened once in a while started happening more often. Every so often my gimbal suddenly jerks down and to the left. It happened a lot yesterday, and this was the first time I was using the polar pro filters. I've read other posts on this issue...
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    Jello after crash... next possible steps?

    Hello, I was hoping you guys could give me some insight, since there has been so much useful info on these forums. After a small crash I am getting a bit of intermittent jello and shaking from the gimbal in video. # Foam has been removed. # Everything has been calibrated. (imu, gimbal, and...
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    P3P video got glitchy then gimbal disconnected (video)

    So i have been using my bird without issue until NOW. Before this happened i landed it quite hard. Nothing broke but it was definitely a harder than normal landing. Today i went to take it out and noticed the video feed was slightly glitchy. So i took it outside and only went up about 40m. Hit...