1. S

    JAPAN 4K

    Please let me know what you think :)
  2. Zen Ho

    Kyoyo, Japan

    Beautiful and relaxing landscape of Japanese style village
  3. Zen Ho

    Wakayama, Japan

    Amazing rock and shore standing on edge of Pacific Ocean
  4. Fisherking

    Summer in Japan - Phantom 3 Standard

    Hey guys, in this video I used my P3 Standard and GoPro to create a really fun video. Hope you all enjoy....
  5. Shinchinman

    Phantom 3 short movie of Beppu, Japan (別府,日本)

    Short aerial movie of Beppu, Japan. (別府) Beppu is a popular hot spring destination in Japan. It is my first video after getting my Phantom 3 standard. I am really new to drones. I will appreciate any advice! (Especially shaking in some footage) *Some scenes are filmed with my DSLR.
  6. Garrie

    Fukuoka, Japan: Aerial Showcase

    Aerial video of the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Filmed on Phantom 3 Professional in a day. 1080p @ 60fps DJI ND16 Filter ISO 100 Edited on iMovie on iPhone 6 Plus
  7. N

    Japan trip 2015

    Hey DJI pilots, this is my first try at making a video with my Phantom 2 and my Gopro 3. I visit Japan once a year if I can and tried to capture my last trip this November on video. I never really liked taking pictures that much, and videos always seemed like a lot of work and too expensive...
  8. N

    Fiery drone crash disrupts bicycle race

    Didn't see this posted so I thought I'd share a link... A small aerial drone being used to film a bicycle race in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, fell from the sky Sunday and burst into flames, disrupting the competition. No one was reported injured in the incident. “It was first flying with a...