1. Undertow

    Selling Ultimate P4P Setup 4 batteries, 2 controllers(1 modified for antenna upgrades! Tons more!

    Taking offers on my Phantom 4 Pro setup. It only has 25 hours of flight time and in awesome condition. Includes but will negotiate... 1. Phantom 4 Pro Drone 2. Modified Controller GL300F with Itelite MaxxRange and FPVLR 2.8 ghz long range antennas. Easy to swap in and out.(controllers can be...
  2. T

    Range Extender - Mavic Air (Urban Setting)

    Hi All, I am looking for a range extender for my Mavic Air that I use in a very urban setting. I was following this thread (LONG, detailed review of extended range options) but I don't know how they feel about non-phantom 4 users posting over there. Anyhow based off that forum I think I have...
  3. Brent10

    SOLD: P2V+ Parts for Sale (motors, batteries, main board, controller + long range antenna)

  4. Brent10

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus Controller with Itelite Antenna

  5. Brent10

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus Controller with Itelite Antenna for Sale

    Sold: DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus
  6. E

    (Sold) Maxx UAV DJI - EvoLite Kit with ItElite MaxxRange Antenna (Full Kit)

    Great condition...all working perfectly. Includes all original boxes and accessories. $250 Works for: DJI Phantom 3 Advance DJI Phantom 3 Pro DJI Phantom 4 DJI Inspire 1 DJI Matrice DJI - EvoLite Kit ItElite MaxxRange Antenna (Full Kit)
  7. O

    Removed cover of Itelite antenna?

    Has anyone removed the cover of an Itelite antenna? After noticing the connection spinning while installing the cable, I thought it might have Twisted off the wire so I popped the cover off...... I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like nor could I find any pictures of the inside of one...
  8. rcheing

    Mint - P3P with Itelite DBS Mod & Nanuk 950 Case - South Florida - Very Low Hours!

    Hello everyone, Well the time has come to sell my beloved bird as I simply don't have the time for it anymore. I live within a Class D airport's 5 mile radius, directly north of the runway in the flight path and quite frankly, it's a hassle every time I wanted to fly. I purchased this back in...
  9. tml4191

    Like New MAxxrange f/s Maxxuav itelite DBS Antenna for p3+ p4

  10. Procharged97

    Cheap China Panels (Liehuo) vs. any Antenna!

    Ok, So to start this off this is for all Phantom 3 platforms (since I have a standard) but I know most of you that will use these or others have the adv/pro. I have one rule though...NO BAD MOUTHING COMPANIES OR ANTENNA BRAND/MAKERS ...please. As many of you know there has been talk that these...
  11. J

    DBS ITElite or FPVLR?

    Check out the comparison video below.
  12. bernek

    Range Test - P2V + ITELITE DBS-01

    I've done some tests in close vicinity of my home on some hills there I've reached 1100-1200 meters. (~4000 ft). I could have tried a little further but was getting quite a lot of disconnects. All the tests are done with RE500. (I have one RE700 on the way for 1 month already shipped with USPS...
  13. J

    DBSMod: Quick Release DBS Mounting Adapter for Phantom 3 and 4

    I've been working on this idea the last 2 weeks and after almost 10 iterations, I think I have finally nailed it. Once you have screwed in the Mounting Adapter to the DBS long range antenna, you are now able to easily clip it on to the phone holder and remove it within seconds. This has worked...
  14. Ramphex

    MaxxUAV "Clean Install" Installation Guide

    Ahoy hoy! This guide is a still picture version of Jake's video guide that he created, for his "clean install" kit, with a MaxxUAV DBS Antenna. There might also be some super extras bonus pictures at the end :p First of, let's start with the video guide: Step 1: Opening the boxes and looking...
  15. JakeMaxxUAV

    Official P4 Range Leaderboard

    This leaderboard is sponsored by Maxx UAV. For all your signal and range improvement needs, check out USA Customers: Canada Customers: Europe Customers: Each store ships world wide! I will keep this list maintained. If you would like to be added...
  16. Noble 1

    SOLD****DEAL! P3P Sale Phantom 3 Pro w/ DBS 5+ mile range mod +3 batt $999

    SALE - $999 shipped with original box within a box tracking and insurance! Excellent Condition P3P with LOTS of bonus extras!!! No crashes, hand caught, lightly used batteries! FW 1.4.1 (follow me, poi, waypoints) Stock P3P with original original box; everything included; this is the highly...
  17. GodFear17

    Check this out, ITELITE DBS mod installed in Houston Area

    Check this out, DBS mod and installed for $169 total.