iphone 6

  1. S

    Unusable video trasmission to phone

    Hey, I've been flying a Phantom 4 for almost a year now and the transmission to my iPhone 6 has always been unstable but here recently its gotten completely unsuitable for flying while trying to capture decent video however the video on my SD card is perfectly fine while the stuff on my DJI Go...
  2. Wouter

    Synchronising between Laptop and Iphone 6 no longer works

    I’ve installed the Litchi App a while ago and it is excellent for my purposes. However all of a sudden I cannot find and load the mission, which I planned on my Laptop on my IPhone 6 and vice versa. The synchronizing between Laptop and Iphone 6 no longer works. What did I do wrong and how can...
  3. ChrisP52

    iPhone DJI app connects to control but not to camera

    I know this is lame, but here goes... I purchased the Rotorpixel gimbal for my P2V several years ago, installed it, and then, because of all the FAA hubbub, I never tried it out. I am trying to use the drone now and find that, while I can connect and control flight through the DJI app on my...
  4. Pegasus Robin

    P3P iOS screen sharing

    Hi all Still anticipating the arrival of my P3P so in preparation, I'm looking for some info on how it's possible to do screen sharing on iOS. I've downloaded litchi vue and I've seen another app called dji screen share. Can anyone give me some guidance as to which of the 2 are better apps, if...
  5. Garrie

    Fukuoka, Japan: Aerial Showcase

    Aerial video of the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Filmed on Phantom 3 Professional in a day. 1080p @ 60fps DJI ND16 Filter ISO 100 Edited on iMovie on iPhone 6 Plus
  6. Y

    Low display resolution with iPad Air 2 vs. iPhone 6 with DJI GO app

    Hello everyone, I was always using my iPhone 6 to fly my Phantom 3 Advanced and the display was awesome with amazing resolution but i decided to upgrade and buy an iPad Air 2. But now with the iPad while flying even in close range and no interference around the display is very pixelated as if i...
  7. R

    Finally an "ADJUSTABLE" Cold Shoe Mount

    Hi Guys, Just released the new DJI OSMOS Cold Shoe Mount. Let me know your thoughts!!! Here is the new release and installation video: Purchase here: DJI OSMO - Aerial Drone Accessories Thanks, Stacy
  8. Film Nation

    Ocean flight with no experience!

    Hello everyone, we really need your help, tips and advice! We are a small production company, Film Nation (www.film-nation.com) and we were hired to produce a 1 minute TV spot for a major Cruise line in one of the biggest ships in the world. We are departing in 3 days and we are ready to...