ipad air 2

  1. respibob

    iPad Air 2 16GB Wifi + Verizon Cellular $225

    I have a 16GB iPad Air 2 that is wifi + Verizon cellular compatible. It is in perfect shape and I have been using it with my Phantom 3 Standard and Pro. I recently bought an iPad Air Pro so I am selling this one. I have never had it activated on Verizon but I checked and it is free to activate.
  2. C

    Ipad air 2 not compatible with DJI go 4 App

    I have been using my p4 pro on my samsung note 4 but today I tried to install the DJI go 4 app on an Ipad air 2 so that I will have a larger display but the app store is not letting me installing the app because of compatibility issues.. anyone knows how to solve this please? :) Thanks
  3. David Cooke

    WARNING for P4 Buyers

    Just a quick note if you are buying an iPad for the Phantom 4. It's clear to me now that the iPad Air 2 has a software/firmware problem with the P3 . . and vice vera. I had a new P4 with iPad 4 Mini . . . worked great. Tried to get a bigger screen (iPad Air 2) . . both 64Gig latest iOS...
  4. I

    New app installed on iPad. Can not connect to camera

    I installed the new version App 2.7.2 on my iPad air2 version 9.3.1 I plug everything in, I turn everything on as usual, wait, and it does not connect. I plug my iPhone 6s with App version 2.7.1 and I have connection Just letting people know what's happening here.
  5. Duncan Campney

    Home-made sunshade

    While I figure out what commercially made sunshade to buy for my P3 and iPad air, I decided to make one. This design should work fine for any "normal-sized" iPad, and could be adapted to other sizes of tablets quite easily. The results actually work quite well. I used a large corrugated...
  6. Y

    Low display resolution with iPad Air 2 vs. iPhone 6 with DJI GO app

    Hello everyone, I was always using my iPhone 6 to fly my Phantom 3 Advanced and the display was awesome with amazing resolution but i decided to upgrade and buy an iPad Air 2. But now with the iPad while flying even in close range and no interference around the display is very pixelated as if i...
  7. William Laven

    Bluetooth GPS unit for iPad Air 2 wifi-only that works with DJI??

    I have a wifi-only iPad Air 2 and I love the big screen for DJI Go, but the wifi version does not have a GPS chip so I don't have GPS capability for flying, mapping, etc. I know there are bluetooth GPS units that can communicate with the wifi iPad 2's, but don't know if that info is available to...
  8. P

    Ipad Air 2 - Is cellular data plan needed?

    I am new and researching what to buy. I am now between the P3 Adv or the Yuneec Q500+ but am leaning to the P3. From what I have read it seems like the P3 would be a lot more fun to fly in addition to doing a great job of photography. Having fun flying is important to me. Biq question now...
  9. D

    FPV setup? iPad? S5?

    Hi All! Firstly, Thank you in advance because im sure this has been asked before but i've been searching for hours to no avail. I just bought an inspire and im a little stuck where to go from here in regards to the FPV. For the most part, It will be just me flying/filming I have a Samsung...