ios 9

  1. jephoto

    P3 FW Version advice for iPhone iOS 9

    Hi guys, Being in Chicago even though theres time a CAN fly in winter, it's mostly pretty drab & ugly to shoot. And **** cold... So, I've not been flying pretty much since Thanksgiving. My firmware (P3 Pro) is still at P3X_FW_V01.04.0010 And I've kept my iPad Mini 3 at iOS 8.4 - and have up...
  2. PVFlyer

    How to record DJI GO screen on iOS 9 with AirShou?

    Share with you AirShou screen recorder for DJI GO on iOS 9. It doesn't require jailbreak and it's free. Simply follow the procedures below and hope you enjoy. How to record DJI GO app screen on iOS 9 with AirShou? [Edit] In some countries, you can get the app installed right away. Some...
  3. Matt W Ruff

    NEW mini4 (iOS 9) issue

    I just downloaded everything and test flew mp P3P with my new iPAD mini 4 and huge video lag. (the mini-4 has the same power as the Air 2) so I'm assuming it a software glitch. I tried it with Autopilot as well and same video glitch. Sold my mini 2 so I stuck with my iPhone 6+ until I would...