1. M3aerial

    Introduction to Drones in Agriculture

    Hi all, I thought the forum might be interested in an info session I'm holding to help answer some questions about drones used in agriculture - it's a little last minute notice, but... Introduction to Drones in Agriculture - will be running TONIGHT (Feb 11th) at 8:00PM CST. It is the second...
  2. A

    Hello from Petaluma California

    Found this forum on search - looks like it is pretty active. I see benefit of knowledge exchange and collaboration - and hoping to learn a few things here. We have 2 licensed pilots and work mostly in the Real Estate photography but wish to branch out to other industries. ...
  3. S

    A Hello from Southampton, UK

    Hello everyone. I'm from Southampton, UK and I am loving my recent drone purchase. I started off with the Phantom 3 Standard, for a couple months to see how I would find the drone. I loved it so much I got rid of it and upgraded to the Phantom 4. It is truly amazing how fun and easy they are...
  4. That Cicero Guy

    Hello from Chicago; new P4 Pro owner saying hello!

    Good morning/afternoon everyone, My name is Mike and I live in the Chicago area. I'm a video conferencing engineer and all around IT guy. I'm currently studying for my Part 107 certification. I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro and iPad Pro in hopes of using it as a tool for my YouTube music and...
  5. OldManInWva

    Howdy from West Virginny

    Hey there forum users... Fairly new to the higher end quadcopter craze, still waiting on delivery of a P4 that I should have had in hand by now. Wondering if there are any other quad enthusiasts in the Charleston WV area... Mainly getting into the sport for photographic reasons, I'm more of a...
  6. A

    Hello from BRF, Wisconsin

    Hey guys and gals im new to drones and I got the P4 and im very satisfied. Im from BRF, wisocnsin and I hope to have a good time with my drone! Thanks
  7. Nicrophone


    Hi! wanted to introduce my self, and say hi. Some info about me; I am part 107 Certified Flying a Phantom 4 Live in Hawaii Have a headache because there are too many airports / helipads on Oahu
  8. P

    Hello from Flint, Michigan!

    Hey guys! I'm 26 years old and currently a college student in Flint, Michigan. I've been getting into UAVs more and more. Quadcoptors, Hexacoptors, basically anything. Very fun, amazing, invigorating, and and awesome hobby. Started with a cheap UDIRC Hexacoptor that I roughly learned the...
  9. J

    Hello from Greenwich, London

    I bought the DJI P4 2 weeks ago and I love it! Flown it a few times around Blackheath park london and now feeling confident. Im going to Herne Bay later today and can't wait to get some lovely shots. Ps. My photo and video editing skills is zero.. lol I've read tons of tips and advice...
  10. D

    Hi from South Africa.

    Hi everyone, I live in South Africa and have been flying 3D RC helicopters for the last few years. I recently bought a Phantom 4 for to use on our farm for security as well as for a few aerial shots here and there. I've already gained a lot of information from this forum and now have a few...
  11. Flying Mantis

    Campbell, CA — Represented

    Greetings fellow RC pilots. I'm in Campbell, CA. I'm a graphic designer, and in my so-called spare time (I really believe there is no such thing) I can be found on a tennis court, or working on a handful of various and expensive hobbies. I'm a new Phantom 4 owner that's coming from a typical...
  12. A

    Good to meet you

    a camera set free from Gravity is too good to leave alone. So graduated from p3 to p4 and money well spent. Wild horses to white Pelicans--both unapproachable on foot. They all but ignore the p4 from 100 feet where's a half mile for guy on foot. For me the camera is the thing that drew me to...
  13. S


    Just bought my first GOOD drone. It is a Phantom 3 Standard and I am so looking forward to taking it out this evening or tomorrow. I got tired of the cheap small drones that were nearly impossible to control. I am looking forward to it. The only think was that there was no micro usb cable in the...
  14. C

    Introduction from ChrisW, P4, Hampshire/Oxfordshire, UK

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a Phantom 4 owner (just waiting for it to be delivered) from Hampshire, UK. I've decide to take the plunge in buying a Phantom 4 after a couple of years of watching the scene and experimenting and learning to fly manually with smaller hobbyist...
  15. O

    Hello from Northeast Ohio!

    A sudden interest in aerial photography and the $780 ebay deal for a P3P got me into the hobby, and all of it's issues brought me here. So, hello! Now if only I had something other than 1.5mbps to upload my media...
  16. D

    Standard Introduction

    i have several quads from Palm size through a Phantom 4. Little ones are definitely harder to fly!
  17. S

    New member from SF Bay Area

    Hi Everyone, Just purchased a new P4. This is my first quad copter. Hoping to make some friends here. Great forum with ton of information. Need to know more about safe fly zones, may be we can set up local meet to enjoy our drones. Regards, Silver
  18. C

    Hi from the Southern Hemisphere

    Hi Folks, Just an introduction from me - I'm a proud owner of a now 'retro' P2. But I've flown the P1, P3, I1, S900 and 3DR Solo also but do not own them. I have experience in other forms of RC too including boats, planes, helicopters and cars. When I first got into the 'drone' world, there...
  19. Yeager74

    néih hóu from Hong Kong, China

    Greetings from Hong Kong, China, where I'm currently living... Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark (left back in 2004)... I've flown RC nitro/gas/petrol planks and helis since 1988, and currently flying a full size Gulfstream G650... The P3P is my first drone and also my first electrically...