intelligent battery

  1. R

    SOLD Never Used Phantom 4 Pro with lots of Extras

    Price is $1,600 plus shipping. I am located in the Northern Virginia Area. Brand New DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone never flown. I purchased this drone on a whim, I was planning on going on an epic cross-country motorcycle trip up to Alaska and wanted to have a drone with me to take awesome pictures...
  2. K

    P4 Intelligent Battery Not Charging (No sign of life)

    Hello Pilots! Another problem with the phantom 4 intelligent flight battery, UGH!!! So I haven't used my drone in quite a bit but before I left my drone and the batteries to sit in my case for a couple months, I charged them up a little (this is recommended). I return a few months later and my...
  3. L

    How to reset battery Capacity Phantom 4 Pro High Cap

    Hi Everyone, Just noticed something the other day with my P4P batteries. I have 2 batteries, both identical 5870 mah high capacity white labels. Recently I noticed the following stats in the DJI GO 4 app. Battery 1: 14 cycles, total capacity = 5908 mah Battery 2: 10 cycles, total capacity =...
  4. cherokeepilot

    Question concerning Intelligent Battery for Phantom 4 Pro.

    I have 5 batteries. One battery in particular is giving me problems. I charge the battery to 100% in a DJI tray charger along with the others as needed. When I place this battery in the quad the very first indication of problems is that the screen states "MOTOR OVERLOAD WILL NOT TAKE OFF". I...
  5. L

    Battery fire

    I flew into a dock pole the other day. The Phantom 4 flipped over and crashed right on the edge of the dock. The battery flew out of the dock and landed in about 6 inches of water. I remembered reading that the lithium ion battery could end up catching fire, so I left it on the rocks that...
  6. D

    Intelligent Battery Phantom4 Push and hold?

    I was using my battery for a flashlight (yeah, I know right) and noticed that if you hold the battery button in for 5 seconds while not in the aircraft it blinks a few times.. Anybody know what this does? reset something? kick it into discharge? reset auto storage timer ?
  7. Caio Kallas

    Standard P3 Long Term Intelligent Battery Storage

    Hello all, My P3S crashed, and it will be at least 6 months before I have the time/money to make it fly again. My battery is intact though. Should I keep it in storage, or will it loose it's functionality? I intend to either buy a whole new P3 and sell my good parts, or fix it. But I am...
  8. D

    Battery Records Vs charge cycles

    I've been searching around and don't seem to find a clear answer. Sorry if this question is dumb or a repeat. I bought an almost new pack for my p3a. When I got it, the DJI Go app showed 2 charges, but there were over 30 battery "records". All stated normal. 1 stated auto discharge for...
  9. ReaperCrewMadden

    Phantom 3 Advance for sale

    Like Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Advance with Every Accessory!!! - DJI Phantom 3 Advance (looks Brand New) Accessories Include - HDMI Output Module (Phantom 3 Pro/Adv) = Retails ay $99.00 - Phantom 3 - 100W Battery Charger(Charges batteries faster) Also includes the standard Charger =...