1. dfphoto

    Flying Indoors Shooting a Hockey Game

    Shot for the owner of the ice rink and the local utility company. Just a compilation of some of the raw footage. There was no GPS inside. I haven't looked at the flight data, but I assume I was going between Vision and Atti mode. I tried tripod mode, but it was too slow to keep up with the...
  2. dfphoto

    First indoor flight with P4P - ice rink

    Just testing out indoor flying with my P4P for an upcoming shoot. Next time they will have the Zamboni out on the ice to shoot. I was in P-Opti mode and the P4P held pretty steady despite very little contrast on the ground for the camera positioning system. I noticed that there was a lag when...
  3. TonyResta

    Unable To Deploy Indoors - Compass Error

    Hello everyone! I have recently encountered a problem on my last job which has prevented me to fly my Phantom 3 Professional indoors. The error reported on screen was "Compass Error". Obviously this made sense, being inside a warehouse with probably a strong magnetic field interfering. What I...
  4. M

    P4 in Atti keeps moving down

    Hi everyone, I'm aware there has been a lot of discussion about the Atti mode, but some of the information is mixed. My have tried the atti mode today in my room and outside, and in both cases the drone has not been steady. Inside, I just flew it a bit up (20-30 cm), and it started moving up...
  5. seb evans

    feedback for future indoor drone racing, teaching etc.

    Hey fellow drone flyers, I have been looking into a possible business idea its in the very early stage and i need help from you all. What i need is an idea of how many people in the drone community would be willing to pay a membership annually for use of a drone racing track fully lit with led...
  6. C

    ceiling propeller protection

    HI, i will fly inside a caver or cave, how i can protect the top of my phantom 4 and the propellers? Whiteout any GPS signal what happen with auto RTH if o louse signal?
  7. S

    Brand New P3P-Indoor flight gone wrong-fail

    This may be the most hilarious video I've ever seen. My older brother goes off and buys a brand new Phantom Pro 3. He reads the manuals for a week straight and watches several YouTube videos. He then decides to test it out indoors to get familiar with it. Well, here's the link: