indoor flight

  1. SignumX

    Phantom 4 pro indoor filming

    I looked through the forums and noticed that this was discussed a bit back in 2016, but do you guys have new experiences about using the P4P indoors? I have a project coming up and I'm pondering what equipment to get for it. As it will involve at least some shots that I'll make with the P4P I'm...
  2. Kristina Fowler

    Creating 2D ortho mosaic under large covered area

    [Phantom 4 Pro] A client wants to create an ortho mosaic under a very large covered area - approx 500' x 100' (assume altitude 30' AGL). Assume no GPS. How do I create the ortho without the aid of GPS (other than hand-flying and estimating image overlap)? Is this a job for a Ground Control...
  3. Az.thewolf

    GEOFence at airport hanger? Do I need a 107 for commercial?

    I am fairly new to drones, and working on my 107 currently. I am still learning, but have been flying model aircraft for 25+ years now (some background), and the flying part is fairly simple. My question is this. I have a unique opportunity to do some commercial (paid) flying at a local...
  4. dfphoto

    Flying Indoors Shooting a Hockey Game

    Shot for the owner of the ice rink and the local utility company. Just a compilation of some of the raw footage. There was no GPS inside. I haven't looked at the flight data, but I assume I was going between Vision and Atti mode. I tried tripod mode, but it was too slow to keep up with the...
  5. dfphoto

    First indoor flight with P4P - ice rink

    Just testing out indoor flying with my P4P for an upcoming shoot. Next time they will have the Zamboni out on the ice to shoot. I was in P-Opti mode and the P4P held pretty steady despite very little contrast on the ground for the camera positioning system. I noticed that there was a lag when...
  6. Dato

    Indoor Mode for the P3?

    Just got my P3 Standard for Christmas and I want to fly it indoor. I just want to get it off the ground 4 ft., hover above the take off point, then return to its launch location. I tried to do this but I believe it was trying to follow GPS and it was maintaining the 4 feet but moving around the...
  7. M

    P4 in Atti keeps moving down

    Hi everyone, I'm aware there has been a lot of discussion about the Atti mode, but some of the information is mixed. My have tried the atti mode today in my room and outside, and in both cases the drone has not been steady. Inside, I just flew it a bit up (20-30 cm), and it started moving up...
  8. doomclam

    Indoor filming of an audition

    I recently had the privilege of filming a friend's audition. This is one of the songs. **** drone wouldn't hold position at all, even with VPS on and off. Got some good stuff though. Comments welcome.
  9. D

    want to fly indoors, compass errors

    I have been trying to fly indoors, but keep getting a compass calibration error. what is the best way to fly indoors in a building with lots of electrical and metal, would disconnecting the compass be the best way, I do not need gps hold, or opti hold, only atti mode.
  10. T

    Local Positioning System for DJI Phantom

    Hello, I am experimenting with indoor flying inside large building using a DJI phantom 3. The DJI already has a vision positioning system for indoor flight, but I want to try an achieve the hovering stability regularly found in outdoor flying. I am wondering if there is some sort of simple local...