imu calibration

  1. rickybobby2189

    IMU Initulising (may spelled wrong) Help

    Sometimes I have a 10 15 minute fight with my drone to get it in the air. For instance, sometimes it has a fit trying to get a live video feed. I will have to close the app, restart the app and if that doesn't work I'll restart the drone itself and if that doesn't work I'll reset the controller...
  2. T

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus footage slightly cockeyed

    I have noticed in recent footage that the horizon is a little cockeyed (not level). I placed the P4P+ on a level surface (0% according to my iPhone) and ran the IMU calibration and then the gimbal calibration. Then I took the P4P+ out for a flight. As soon as I turned on the P4P+ I noticed a...
  3. K

    My P3P will not hover after crash. IMU/compass has been recalibrated several times HELP before I just dump it!

    So there was this very cool shelf cloud near my house. I went up just straight and got a fairly decent picture of it, but for one reason or another, I landed and then thought I would go back up and get video. Well, this was one fast-moving storm and the next thing you know my P3P was out of my...
  4. Dome

    IMU Calibration ...

    I feel myself a little bit stupid, but I can't find, in the ios app, an option to calibrate IMU ... Is it somewhere ? Or it appears only in case of IMU error ?
  5. Ing Zimmerman

    IMU Calibration Wich way is the right way?

    Hi All Droners. I have seen on YouTube two different ways to calibrate the Phantom 4. What do you guys think. Which one is the correct one? Simple One Step. The Six Steps way. Ing.
  6. I

    First time connecting, says Gimbal is disconnected

    Hey all, Just opened my new Phantom 3 and tried to connect it to the app, but the camera isnt showing anything on my phone screen and when I click on the status it says gimbal disconnected. I did all the steps the instructional videos said to do when starting up the drone, but nothing seems to...
  7. K

    Advance IMU calibration P4P

    Hey! I got my new P4p and i tried to made a IMU calibration via Assistant 2 but the process doest goes further than 90% , and stay there forever. I tried installing assistant again, restarting my mac, restarting P4p , starting first Assistant , conecting the RC, refreshing the P4p FW and...
  8. PlanetPapi

    I liked DJI support.

    My P3 A is only months old and having issues with constant IMU errors. Sometimes restarting helps some times don't. Sometimes moving the drone a few feet worked. I have been living with it until it is completely stubborn and not lifting off the ground at all. I contacted someone on the DJI...
  9. I

    IMU Calibration. Unknown error at 2%

    Hi all As many others I've got IMU Calibration issues. The problem is that when I start the calibration on the 2% it's telling me "Unknown Error". I've tried to cool it down as much as possible(put it in my working shed whit all the electrical equipment around plugged of the sockets(no...
  10. iflyhelis

    IMU takes 5 min. to initialize

    It started off with trying to calibrate the compass & I got through that. I then flew away with only a 1 minute wait for all systems to say "Safe To Fly GPS" The next thing I experienced was a 5 minute wait, for a IMU Error, & I couldn't calibrate out that error using a Apple 6 I-phone...
  11. David Cooke

    IMU Calibration in the field

    Just thought some of you might like this suggestion . . you can't align the IMUs and level the gimbal properly when there is no level surface so when I went out to a breakwater to film the powerboat race I took along a modified tripod and a bubble level . . .No level spot here so here's what I...
  12. PlanetPapi

    Have you encountered compass errors with Litchi app?

    I'm trying to determine if this dreaded mid air compass errors are just for DJI GO app. I would like to hear from users using Litchi app. I may as well switch to Litchi if there are no issues with compass errors. That seems to be a cheaper and safer alternative solution than dealing with DJI...
  13. P

    Was it litchi or the IMU?

    I was flying a previously flown litchi waypoint mission and for some reason my p4 flew into a tree that it had previously flown over. My altitude was set to 30m and the trees i guess are around 25m. So i am wondering what went wrong, and how do i get my p4 back, given that i cant see it up in...
  14. H

    Phantom 3 Professional STUCK in IMU update

    About 4 weeks ago I updated to latest firmware to get my PP3 back in the air after a long winter's nap. I Had gave it a test flight before updating and all was well. I updated at my usual spot then moved the PP3 to my table where I always do my IMU updates so as to not have magnetic...
  15. Bob Hyslop

    Calibrating imu abroad

    Hi all, I'm taking my P3a from the UK to Turkey in a few weeks and will be flying in quite a mountainous area. Is it advisable to recalibrate the imu for the new location when I get there and then recalibrate again when I get home? Obviously I will calibrate compass as usually. Thanks for any...
  16. G

    Off Axis Gimbal Tilt P4

    What's up guys? I'm getting about a 2 degree off axis gimbal tilt consistently during my first 15 flights using the P4. Any suggestions on how to counteract this? I have seen some suggestions of re calibrating the IMU and Gimbal, but for some reason they both read 'Normal' in the Status Menu...
  17. A

    IMU Calibration Problem

    I just updated the RC of my P3A, and the following problems raised: -Even though the Camera view is working, the aircraft don't respond to the RC instructions. It doesn't turn on the aircraft, and the gimbal doesn't pan, I cannot change the exposure, basically I cant do anything, apart of...
  18. P

    New P4 is perfect!!! No gimbal noise at all after 3 exchanges at the Apple Store.

    Well not exactly...... everything was going fine until I got this very alarming message, it made my stomach fall to my feet, Is this thing even safe to fly at this point?!?! This is my 4th P4 all the other ones had gimbal issues now this?
  19. MichaeL2727

    MC Data error, IMU won't configure

    So my daughter crashed my p3pro from about 6 ft, shut it off, restarted then firmware update showed up. Did the update and "NO MC data" came on. Went to recalibrate IMU, it got to 40% then said a problem occurred and I needed to restart it. 10 tries later...NOTHING. Any advice besides whacking...
  20. S

    Phantom 3 4K Edition

    In depth about the problem I have with my new phantom 3 4K edition. I bought my p3 7.1.2016. When I'm unboxing I charged my battery first. After that install. DJI Go app (iOS) iPhone 6s. The first advice was that I have imu calibration before I start with my first flight. Okey I put my phantom...