1. RPP

    Iceland Volcanic Eruption 2021

    For stills, see my blog post.
  2. RPP

    Fulmar Stranded in Iceland

    The drone stayed close to the ground here. For details, please see my blog post.
  3. let the mind flood


    It took 5 years of travelling and shooting to make this video. I'm very proud of it and wanted to share it with the drone community. Any feedback, comments or criticism is welcome. Shot the majority on my Phantom 4 and some of the latest clips on my Mavic Air 2. Cheers! "
  4. RPP


    Volcano in the Highlands of Iceland. Photos and details in my blog post.
  5. RPP

    Lone Walker

    More here - Lone Walker.
  6. RPP

    Hole in the Planet

    More here -
  7. M

    take 3 minutes and enjoy iceland with the DJI Phantom 4 pro

  8. RPP

    Valagjá - short video

    More in my blog post - Valagjá Revisited
  9. P

    Iceland 4K - aerial shots from the roadtrip

    Hi guys, Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Daskid

    Visiting Iceland and Ireland

    I am visiting the beautiful countries of Iceland and Ireland in a few weeks. Any advise you can give for flying the P4P in those countries?
  11. T

    Iceland 4K | Phantom 4 PRO

    I went to Iceland a couple of weeks ago to do some landscape photography. I also brought my Phantom 4 Pro to shoot some video. Love the ability to shoot 4K60P. This video is basically to show the amazing scenery of Iceland. Great place if your are into landscape photography/ video. Any...
  12. Donatas

    DJI Phantom3 pro Crater of the volcano Eldborg in Iceland

  13. J

    My first video with Phantom 4Pro - Iceland -

    Hi guys this is my first post here on this forum , just wanted to share with you my first Phantom 4Pro video. I have been flying for about a year with Phantom 3 Standart and just upgraded him few days ago. please let me know what you think.
  14. jasonjlee

    Iceland is a must!

    Byrjunin / The Beginning I hope you enjoy and get inspired!
  15. RPP

    Hverir (Video)

    From my photo essay. Also available on YouTube.
  16. RPP

    Video of Gráakúla

    Gráakúla volcanic crater in Snæfellsnes, Iceland. For more, go to my blog post. Also available on YouTube here.
  17. S

    New Drone DJI Phantom 3 - 4K user, Going to Iceland

    Hello Everyone, Stopping by from netherlands to say "Hi", I have just purchased DJI Phantom 3-4K, I am going to Iceland next week, hopefully will be able to capture some amazing shots. Welcome any thoughts for a new drone user..Keep you posted with my first test flight Cheers
  18. A

    Iceland Footage by Phantom 4 Summer 2016

    Share with you this amazing country filmed by the amazing Phantom 4.:) Music by: Carlos Estella (Carlos Estella | Jamendo Music | Free music downloads...) All songs used under Creative Commons BY/NC/SA License. Video Editing: Pinnacle Pro (iOS) Filmed Locations: 1. Braurfoss 2. Strokkur 3...
  19. O

    Iceland 2016 | Aerial Film

    Hi During my roadtrip around the whole island two weeks ago, I've made this video: I hope you enjoy it ;) Many greetings from Switzerland opsim
  20. C

    Magnificent Iceland

    Hi, guys! This aerial video was shot during my trip to amazing Iceland in June, 2016. Filmed with DJI Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-3D + GoPro Hero 4 Silver, corrected with DeFishr 1.0 Music: Tony Anderson - Dwell (Snowfall remix). Watch in HD ;)