1. B

    Day to night hyperlapse to tutorial

    Thought Id share the tutorial here. How To Shoot & Post-Process A Day-To-Night Hyperlapse On DJI Mavic 2 It looks pretty detailed. Sign up to their mailing list ands found it in my emails this morning. Going to try it myself on the weekend (weather permitting).
  2. Hyperlapse Night Flight Over I-85 & University Dr. - Burlington, NC

    Hyperlapse Night Flight Over I-85 & University Dr. - Burlington, NC

    Time lapse evening view of this busy intersection in Alamance County.
  3. M


    So I have been requested by a lot of you on how I did my drone hyperlapse, so I took my time out to make this tutorial for youy guys. Hopefully it is useful for you guys. Let me know if you have further questions. Will do my best to answer them.
  4. M


    My recent project - Dronelapsing which lasted over 3 weeks. Through battering wind and wet cold day, I have managed to finally put together a compilations of drone lapse in many different locations in Yorkshire, England. Tutorials on how to make dronelapse is coming soon, if you want to see how...
  5. OOO

    From the ground to the sky!

    I’ve tried several intelligent fly mode for drone lapse. POI and Waypoint mode are my favorite flight modes for this type of work. These shots were taken from my last 25 flights in the last 3 weeks. I hope you enjoy it! 1) Phantom 4 Pro 2) Osmo Mobile 2 / iPhone 8 plus 3) Sony FDR-X3000 Edit...
  6. Wjm

    Swiss Alps - Ovronnaz

    Just wanted to share my latest video. Please let me know what you think about it.
  7. DougAles

    Simulated Hyperlapse drone video

    Quick drone tour of Lions Park in Greenville Wisconsin. In honor of the Greenville Lions Club July 8th, 2017 George Thorogood And The Destroyers fundraiser concert at this park, I added a little "Bad To The Bone" music. Simulated Hyper with the Slow&Fast Mo app on my iPhone. Edited with...
  8. S

    waypoint mode gives error, but I need to fly slowly for hyperlapse

    Sorry for the length; I have a new phantom 4 pro and I am having a couple altitude specific problems with the the intelligent modes, it seems to be due to some kind of a discrepancy in altitude. I am trying to create hyperlapse footage (moving time lapse) I was planning to use the waypoint mode...
  9. tml4191

    Test Shot/Video of a long exposure hyperlapse/dronelapse w/ p4p

  10. Mindflights

    Phantom 4 pro true hyperlapse

    This Little World "Are we just a toy in hands of time?” Created by Kostas Gur Music: "The Time To Run" by Dexter Britain Under Creative Commons Licence ©2017 Kostas Gur More about the film: The film was created with the method of Hyperlapse (moving timelapse). It took more than 10.000 photos...
  11. Y


    Hi, After shooting timelapses and hyperlapses during months on the ground, I wanted to push it to the next level and do it in the air. The phantom 3 Pro helped me do it. You can see some of those experiments in this video (not dronelapse only). Hope you like them. Yannick