1. A

    Just starting need help

    Hi Everybody! Took my SE over to Green Lane Park. No WiFi at the park. One of the Rangers said I need a hot spot. Looked into hot spots but I saw some negative reviews on data costs and I don’t want a monthly service. What are my options? Thanks!
  2. E

    Effect of warmer air

    Im wondering if warmer temperature of the air can be the cause of my drone not being able to fly as far as it did earlier this year. I know warm air or mainly hot air is lighter and the drone would probably have to work harder to remain in flight. Any help with this would be appreciated...
  3. Winterstorm1967

    P3S Body shell gets HOT!

    Has anyone experienced a P3P's body shell getting hot to the touch?
  4. Winterstorm1967

    Was I fooled?

    Hello all! I just purchased a used phantom three standard on eBay. The seller did say that it was used and the gimbal mount that connects to the body shell was brocken. And the pictures did show that the mount was broken. You could see that the gray 8 pin wiring harness had come loose. It did...
  5. D

    Left my Phantom 4 Pro + remote on

    I left my Phantom 4 Pro + Remote on accidentally for over 5 hours. Now after being on for a short while, it beeps continuously and I can't turn it off. (Eventually) I can. Also, now I"m getting all kinds of "Strong Signal interference" warnings. Is there a way to just reset the remote...
  6. M3aerial

    Multi-battery Charger Getting HOT

    Solved the issue.
  7. R

    Does your P4P+ controller overheat?

    My controller (especially on the input/output ports right under the top of the controller) is EXTREMELY hot to the touch after only being on a few minutes. Haven't flown yet; is this normal? It actually burns to where I have to remove my finger after 2 seconds or it'll hurt. Should I send it back?
  8. SoCalDude

    How many consecutive P4 flights?

    Just curious, but with the Phantom 4, if I had--say--five, six, or more batteries, could I fly consecutive flights for each fully-charged battery (stopping only long enough to change the battery), without overheating the motors, etc.? Let's say all the flight are normal P-mode flights, under...
  9. SoCalDude

    Equipment Left in Hot Car All Day?

    If I leave my P4, controller, charged batteries, etc. in my car all day--which may get very hot--are there any problems taking it out and flying it right away?
  10. K

    How Does Weather Affect Your Drone's Performance?

    Hi all, First off, I apologize in advance for the long post. Weather obviously plays a huge role in how your drone flies but it's not always clear how or why certain conditions affects your drone (especially for non-pilots). After researching online, on this forum, as well as from experienced...