help in connecting.

  1. M

    Sky viper controller won't connect

    I can't get the controller to my Sky viper v4500 streaming video drone to connect can anyone help
  2. B

    Help please I have a new phantom 4 pro plus and I can not get the controller to recognize my wi fi

    Help please I have a new phantom 4 pro plus and I am ready to fly. The controller does not recognize my wi fi and I can not register it so I can fly. Can anyone help me please?
  3. W

    Signal issues

    Hello all, I recently bought a phantom 3 standard off eBay (second hand), and have been flying it this week. I have found that the signal is poor and will disconnect at an altitude of around 100m (sometimes less) and can go no further than 200m in length. The camera would start to lag before...
  4. J

    Cannot connect controller to Ipad

    I have an apple 6 I phone and Ipad. I cannot seem to connect the controller to either device. The port is unable to connect to the device. There is no USB on either phone or iPad. What's the story. ? Please send email to [email protected]