hdmi module

  1. H

    LB2 module with P3P

    I purchased a Lightbridge 2 control system for my custom quad and had to replace the output module with an M600 channel expansion kit module. My question is...should the output module from the LB2 transmitter work on the P3P controller as an HDMI module?
  2. T

    Phantom 3 Advanced With Hardcase For Sale

    Phantom 3 Advancec with DJI Hardshell Case. Controller has HDMI Board . 2 Batteries 4 props 64 gb memory card Charger. Lens Filter Gimbal Guard I bought this but never really used it. It has probably only 2 hours use max! I’m looking $400 plus shipping .USA only. Damian
  3. M

    HDMI Board... Desperate for Help

    I'm in dire need of help. I have a P4 and bought the DJI goggles about 6 weeks ago. At the same time I bought the HDMI board upgrade for my P4 remote. I successfully removed the default USB board and installed the new HDMI board. Once I had the HDMI circuit board in and secured (but before...
  4. embayweather

    HDMI module and update

    imtried to install an HDMI module on my 3pro but three modules and many attempts later it still does not work with the aircraft. No video signal, no app contact with the craft. I sent it to DJI for repair and when returned some four weeks later, tested by DJI and the dealer as well it still does...
  5. tml4191

    F/S HDMI Module for p3/p4

  6. Billy F

    Video feed shared with iPhone 7 and DJI Goggles

    The following video will show you that it is possible to fly your Phantom 4 with the I Phone 7 and share the video feed with the DJI Goggles using a HMNI mini adapter and the optional HDMI module on the controller.
  7. D

    Advice needed for P4 using DJI Goggles and iPad

    I have a phantom 4. I recently purchased DJI goggles and successfully connected it to my P4. While the FPV flying is a LOT of fun, I was a little disappointed about the head tracking not working. But DJI promises a firmware mod that will correct this issue. My question is, what is the best way...
  8. embayweather

    HDMI module

    I have tried to install an HDMI module to my 3Pro controller type GL 300 C. First one lasted one flight before it lost contact, the second one has done just the same. Checked all the contacts along the way, all ribbon cables firmly in, but controller still disconnected. Tried it on an Ipad, and...
  9. embayweather

    HDMI module and guarantee

    if I install an HMDI module for my drone, will that affect the guarantee of Care Refresh? I am reluctant to install it u til I am sure. Mike
  10. UrbanVoyager

    HDMI Output Not Working After Latest Firmware Update

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

    P4 acting up after HDMI module. How to see which firmware the RC has?

    I added and HDMI module to my PH 4. I have the most current firmware in my drone V01.02.0503 2016-12-7. There is no more current according to DJI Assistamt 2. I was using the drone today first time since the HDMI module upgrade, The connection with the RC was terrible even at 40 feet in front...
  12. J

    Looking for a Phantom 4

    Looking for someone who is looking to unload their P4 for cheap like I did to buy a mavic. Got my mavic on order but now I'd like something in the meantime. Looking to spend around $800 with at least 2 lipos. I know it's low, but if you want a quick and easy sale, let me know! It will be...
  13. tml4191

    HDMi Module...can I adjust the screen size?

    I have a lilliput 668gl 7 inch tft lcd monitor that is hooked up to my phantom. It cuts off the image a little bit on the sides. The only options on the monitor itself is pretty much changing the format from 16:9 to 4:3, or I'm missing the how to because I got this used. Does anyone know how I...