1. DroneJI

    Phantom Hardware Kit, (What are the Black Foam Blocks?)

    Anyone know what these Foam Blocks are for in this Phantom Hardware kit? The seller doesn’t seem to know. I circled them in yellow.
  2. YvesDL

    Wrong hardware detected by DJI Go 4.

    Hi guys, Got a problem. It appears that overnight I became the owner of a Phantom 4. Which is quite confusing since the day before I was flying a Phantom 4 Advanced (!) .. Yeah. The one in special last spring. So. I'm flying with iOS10 on an Apple Ipad Mini 4. Using DJI Go 4, and Litchi too...
  3. D

    Bought 2nd hand Phantom 3 Standard with no RC unit and charger

    Hi Guys, Had a bit of a pour through the forums here, and exhausted what GoogleFu I have, so in short... I just bought a Phantom 3 Standard on eBay, and like a total pratt didn't read the little bit of a footnote that stated it excluded the RC unit and the charger... Now I've found a few...
  4. A

    Help identifying missing components from my P4 circuit board.

    If anyone has a P4 flight control board lying around and a multimeter, can I please get some help identifying these small components that are missing from my board? What's the resistance (ohms) measured across either side of these components? Or are they a capacitor???
  5. T

    Please help identifying lost SMD components on Lightbridge board

    Hi all, My Phantom 3 Adv has recently crashed, and now it doesn't connect to remote. After disassembling it I saw that two SMD components are missed from Lightbridge board (marked by red circles on photo). Can you please help identifying these components, so that I can replace them. I suppose...
  6. Cannikin

    Phantom battery communication protocol?

    In addition to the two big ol' blades that plug into the Phantom battery, there are also two contact plates so that, I assume, the CPU on the quad can talk to the battery via a serial communication protocol: Has anyone heard of someone tapping into that to see what language the battery...
  7. O

    Help with a survey.

    Hi guys , I'm a student of engineering and I'm making some surveys for one of my school subjects. It would be grate if you could help me answering it, it's about your experience as owners of UAVs. https://docs.google.com/a/consultan...x-aYKTOhjxW8n_jc/viewform?edit_requested=true Thanks.
  8. Nstrong48

    Buggy/Choppy Micro SD Recording When Hardware Decoding Enabled

    I have an iPhone 6+ with the latest updates. Whenever I enable Hardware Decoding and then also record in full 1080P 30FPS it is really buggy and usually stops recording on its own. the files are usually corrupt and or very choppy right before they stop recording. I have read threads that say...